Diamonds are a woman’s best friends. Women love diamonds. The ones who don’t have them want to attain them, and the ones who have them, want more. Men feel the same way for watches. After all, what makes a man look more desirable than a great watch wrapped around his wrist? Women sure look beautiful in diamonds, but what if they embrace the watches as much as men. Well, they’ll look beautiful and smarter. There are Rolex watches for women that are bejewelled with diamonds. Now that’s a classic combination. But what are the other reasons that women too should start giving the watch as much importance as their male counterparts. Let’s find out.

Women look more professional
With more and more women occupying higher ranks in the working space, it’s important that they look the part too. A watch makes a person look more professional and seasoned. Also, men have always complained about the limited embellishments they can accessorize themselves with. This limitation holds equally true for women who have to wear formals to their offices. This leaves them with few options, and the most prominent of them is a classic watch. A Pearlmaster 34 – Everose Gold Strap and White Dial is perfect for all the working ladies.

It helps you get taken more seriously
We all are well aware of the gender biases that exist in our society, whether it’s the income wage gap or the difference between the men and women holding positions of power. It is important that women are heard, their needs and problems are brought to the forefront. Thus it is vital for them to be taken seriously. A watch signifies that a woman is responsible and she respects her time and yours too. She means business and doesn’t have time to waste. There are many work environments where wearing jewellery on the hand might make you look frivolous. Watches for women like Datejust 36 – Yellow Rolesor Strap and Silver Dial are more subtle and less noisy.

It draws the attention to one of the smallest points of your figure
Women and men are constantly under the pressure of living up to their photoshopped icons in the magazines and looking a certain way. This can give rise to numerous insecurities about certain body parts because they don’t fit a certain societal criterion of beauty. But a watch would help you withdraw attention from those areas. A beautiful watch will invite attention to the smallest points of your figure taking off recognition from the areas you don’t feel very confident about. So draw the attention away from those areas you feel a bit insecure about, and distract them with your beautiful watch! Lady-Datejust 28 – Platinum Strap And Ice Blue Dial perfectly serves the purpose.

It helps you save time
Most women own classic timepieces. They often compliment any outfit you wear whether it’s a brunch dress, a formal office wear or a night dress. So, the next time you are stepping out, you don’t have to go all ‘Taken’ on your bracelet box to find the one. You can simply opt for your watch and look classy as always.

It’s rude to use a phone to see the time
Many men and women say that there’s no point wearing a watch as one can simply see time on their phones as it is they are always glued to it. But on many occasions including meetings, parties, and funerals it’s extremely rude to look at your phone. It shows a lack of courtesy. It’s always better to make a quick glance at your timepiece to know what time it is.

It shows refinement and attention to detail, which are two great qualities
A watch like Datejust 31 – Yellow Gold Strap and Black Dial exemplifies intricacy and craftsmanship. The watch wearer is said to have a taste for finer things in life. But make sure that you buy your women’s watches from trusted and authorised dealer like Ethos Watch Boutiques.

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