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Nature Sure: Pores & Marks Oil!

Ever since I was a teenager I have always faced issues with my skin, especially with clogged pores. Clogged pores are the result of dead skin cells getting trapped in your skin instead of being shed into the environment. Pores are tiny openings in the skin that...

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Natural Intimate Wash By Everteen!

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live in! 1 in 2 women suffer due to UTI due to dirty Public Washrooms and we need to prevent the spread of Urinary Tract Infections. The only place we can ensure hygiene washrooms is at our homes. Since each one...

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NEUD: Natural Hair Inhibitor!

How about a more easy way to get rid of natural facial and body hair?? Being into blogging and shooting almost thrice a week, nothing could have come more handy! I feel blessed to have come across this amazing product that relieves me of all my worries and helps me...

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Ethnic Feels With Curious Hanger!

Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, I choose to go ethnic. Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than an Indian outfit. The sheer elegance that oozes out of the Indian dresses is incomparable. Having said that, being an Indian I can never keep myself...

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A Guide To Effortless Prom Makeup!

You have acquired the prom dress, and your accessories are already chosen, which then leaves your makeup, and whatever your normal style for makeup, the prom is a time to go with that ultra-glamour look. Here are just a few make up ideas that are made for a formal...

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Great Tips For Summer Jewellery Care!

Winter is finally on its way and after a few weeks of blooming spring, it will be time to take out your summer outfits and get your summer jewellery out of storage. The summer is a time for rich and bold colours, and with the right jewellery, you can accessorize in...

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Styling A Yellow Blazer In 10 Different Ways!

Hey friends, hope you all are doing amazing. I have a great news to share with y'all. I have started a youtube channel in the name "NISTHA SARAF" and I am so excited about my new venture. This has been my dream since almost a year and I am finally on youtube. It still...

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Food Tasting At Cafe Peter!

Hey guys, how have you been? It's been a while since I have posted. I hope you guys have an amazing New Year. Hope this year has something great in store for all my lovely readers. Today's post is not about fashion but food. Yeah you heard me right. Seeing my...

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Plan The Most Romantic Valentines Ever

The 14th of February is not like any other day of the year. It’s a day where the magic of love comes alive as couples focus on their relationship and each other. With so many ideas out there on what to do and what to buy, however, some can get carried away and the...

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Jeulia Ladies Engagement Rings!

What is the first thing that pops up in the minds of the two special people when they decide to get married? Well, it's the engagement ring, isn't it? One of the most precious gifts is the engagement ring for the better half and none of the couple would ever want to...

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