Last few months, I noticed that my scalp was itching every now and then. This was followed by a nightmare i.e. dandruff.  I tried to figure out as to why it was happening and realized, it was mostly due to frequent use of hair styling appliances. I love to curl my hair and have been using a hair curler quite often. The excess use of hair styling products seems to have caused damage to my scalp causing dandruff and making my hair very dry. Besides, my scalp looked flaky due to dandruff.

How did I find a solution to my itchy scalp?

Not to mention, my instant reaction was to Google “what do we do about dandruff and itching caused by dandruff”.” I got so many options that promised to help me get rid of dandruff immediately but none of them really worked out for me. I also tried few anti-dandruff shampoos but that again did not make much of a difference. The dandruff was still visible and that worried me.

I decided to see a doctor and resort to medical help. Just then, someone advised me to try a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo called Selsun Suspension 2.5% shampoo as it was recommended to her by a dermatologist. Since it came from a trusted friend, I decided to further research about this product online. Upon a quick google search, I found that Selsun Suspension 2.5% has already been used by many people in India over many years.  Hence, without a second thought, I purchased it from a nearby chemist store and started using it as per the instructions mentioned on the product pack i.e. twice a week for 2 weeks.

I could see my dandruff reduce after every wash This made me take a sigh of relief! I was so happy to have something that finally worked for me in keeping my dandruff under control. Now, I occasionally use this twice or thrice a month to control dandruff from coming back. The 2.5% in Selsun Suspension refers to the concentration of selenium sulphide, a medicated ingredient that is used to treat dandruff. It was because of this ingredient that my dandruff is under control. 1

Besides it also provided me relief from itching and flaking caused by dandruff. I had no idea that dandruff could be managed so well until I found this product. What is more, it can be used by men and women both!

How to use Selsun Suspension 2.5%? 2

  1. Apply the shampoo on your scalp and keep it for 2-3 minutes. Make sure you don’t extend this. It is always recommended to use a medicated shampoo as per the instructions on the bottle.
  2. Thoroughly rinse your hair and scalp.
  3. For better results use it twice weekly for the first two weeks. After that use it only when required.

Thanks to my friend for recommending Selsun to me. Now you too can #BeSelsunSure and manage your dandruff in the right way.


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