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Diamonds are a woman’s best friends. Women love diamonds. The ones who don’t have them want to attain them, and the ones who have them, want more. Men feel the same way for watches. After all, what makes a man look more desirable than a great watch wrapped around his wrist? Women sure look beautiful in diamonds, but what if they embrace the watches as much as men. Well, they’ll look beautiful and smarter. There are Rolex watches for women that are bejewelled with diamonds. Now that’s a classic combination. But what are the other reasons that women too should start giving the watch as much importance as their male counterparts. Let’s find out.

Women look more professional
With more and more women occupying higher ranks in the working space, it’s important that they look the part too. A watch makes a person look more professional and seasoned. Also, men have always complained about the limited embellishments they can accessorize themselves with. This limitation holds equally true for women who have to wear formals to their offices. This leaves them with few options, and the most prominent of them is a classic watch. A Pearlmaster 34 – Everose Gold Strap and White Dial is perfect for all the working ladies.

It helps you get taken more seriously
We all are well aware of the gender biases that exist in our society, whether it’s the income wage gap or the difference between the men and women holding positions of power. It is important that women are heard, their needs and problems are brought to the forefront. Thus it is vital for them to be taken seriously. A watch signifies that a woman is responsible and she respects her time and yours too. She means business and doesn’t have time to waste. There are many work environments where wearing jewellery on the hand might make you look frivolous. Watches for women like Datejust 36 – Yellow Rolesor Strap and Silver Dial are more subtle and less noisy.

It draws the attention to one of the smallest points of your figure
Women and men are constantly under the pressure of living up to their photoshopped icons in the magazines and looking a certain way. This can give rise to numerous insecurities about certain body parts because they don’t fit a certain societal criterion of beauty. But a watch would help you withdraw attention from those areas. A beautiful watch will invite attention to the smallest points of your figure taking off recognition from the areas you don’t feel very confident about. So draw the attention away from those areas you feel a bit insecure about, and distract them with your beautiful watch! Lady-Datejust 28 – Platinum Strap And Ice Blue Dial perfectly serves the purpose.

It helps you save time
Most women own classic timepieces. They often compliment any outfit you wear whether it’s a brunch dress, a formal office wear or a night dress. So, the next time you are stepping out, you don’t have to go all ‘Taken’ on your bracelet box to find the one. You can simply opt for your watch and look classy as always.

It’s rude to use a phone to see the time
Many men and women say that there’s no point wearing a watch as one can simply see time on their phones as it is they are always glued to it. But on many occasions including meetings, parties, and funerals it’s extremely rude to look at your phone. It shows a lack of courtesy. It’s always better to make a quick glance at your timepiece to know what time it is.

It shows refinement and attention to detail, which are two great qualities
A watch like Datejust 31 – Yellow Gold Strap and Black Dial exemplifies intricacy and craftsmanship. The watch wearer is said to have a taste for finer things in life. But make sure that you buy your women’s watches from trusted and authorised dealer like Ethos Watch Boutiques.

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Indian Look With A Bohemian Twist! Wed, 06 Jun 2018 19:04:51 +0000

There are an innumerable ways of donning a boho look. One of the trends that has absolutely no rule and one can never go wrong with a bohemian style. Some of the essentials of a bohemian style are fringed over sized jackets, maxi skirt, flared pants, broad brimmed hat, over sized danglers or hoops, heavy oxidized necklace, multiple bracelets, etc. Gather all your wardrobe pieces and do a bohemian make over. Boho look is one of the most trending and edgy fashion anyone would love to sport. In fact most of the fashion enthusiasts or influencers today will mostly give a hint of boho style in their dressing. This style has become very accepted now and everyone loves to look a bit unusual, right?

Boho is more about “Let’s try something new and different” and everyone adds their own kinda boho touch depending on their sense of fashion. That’s what I love the most about it that this style is something which is being invented everyday by every new person. There is so much one can do and explore.


In this post today, I am donning a simple Indian bohemian style wearing an anarkali kurta with front tassels and adding that much talked about BOHO feel by wearing an oxidized necklace as a head gear. Since boho style is more about loose flowy attires, the kurta with its flow and the checkered print is doing complete justice to the theme. The idea of wearing the huge necklace as a head gear (mangtika) is making my boho look complete. Nothing done extra yet giving the boho vibe. I love this look more with that tight hair up-do which is making the head accessory stand out better. A simple yet stunning look. What do you say guys? Would you too like to experiment something similar?

Do write me below in the comment box.

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Picture Courtesy: Abinash Nayak, Follow his outstanding work on INSTAGRAM

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Kurta – Here&Now
Head Accessory – Street side Similar Here
On MY Lips – Maybelline Rosewood Red



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Monochromatic Look 2 Thu, 31 May 2018 18:07:11 +0000

In continuation with my monochromatic look 1 that I did a few months back, I am here again with the second monochromatic look. The previous one HERE was in the shade of burgundy or you can say maroon and was one of my most favorite looks so far. I have been wanting to do that look since long and I could never thank my MUA enough for donning the best hairdo that she did for my previous look.

Coming on to this one, I have again played with the hair style and totally crushing over the look (did it myself and super proud). In this post I have chosen the shades of grey cum light blue. From top to toe I am wrapped in grey hue.

Wearing a denim wrap crop top with a cute back which I could not help but buying from Romwe. You know my thing with love at first sight…. so frequent…Haha. Pairing the top with grey culottes. I simply love the fall of these culottes with side slits. Finishing the look in my favorite Zara pumps. These pumps are super versatile and I don’t even remember how many times I have rocked these.

To add a slight cuteness to the look, I have tried a hat this time and I totally love how well it’s complimenting my braided hair. A hat on a braided hair do is the best beach look. Don’t you think so? Bringing some colors by wearing a pair of tassel earrings and that pink stunning bag. Well the bag is a first copy of Chanel. Even that costed me bomb. Never mind as long as they look classy, I don’t hesitate in spending.

So guys I have talked a lot, now it’s your turn to do some talking. Let me know if you like this monochromatic look 2 curated with so much heart. Also would you like to rock it on the beach for your next vacay? One more what are your views about my side braids?

I am all ears to your most precious comments. Hit me up!

Picture Courtesy: Prachi, her Instagram handle goes by the name, Snaplavie. Do follow her amazing work guys.

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Top – Romwe
Culottes- Zaful Similar Here
Pumps – Zara Similar Here
Earrings – Zaful Similar Here
Hat The Club Factory
Bag – Chanel Similar Here
On My Lips – Mac Cosmetics Relentlessly Red


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Styling A Bomber Jacket Ft. The Bleu Label Sat, 26 May 2018 17:28:00 +0000

If you all have read my previous post, y’all must be knowing that I have recently collaborated with The Bleu Label, a brand that is offering only denim outfits for both, men and women. You will find me donning a look in a denim dress by this brand there and over here I am bringing another outfit into the picture from their collection. Check the previous post HERE.

One of the most versatile pieces that can accentuate any look with it’s classic wash denim fabric, sporty tone and a gorgeous embroidered design is this super chic bomber jacket by The Bleu Label. Feel free to layer it on any outfit that you wearing and add a bit of sass. The fabric is so light and soft that it can be layered even in summers. I am pairing it with denim jeans and a cool orange top to rock the denim on denim look. Denim on denim is never outta style and I love how beautifully the bomber is complimenting my pearl detailed ripped jeans. I must say the pop of orange is equally contributing to make the look stand out. And no it’s not a casual look that I am donning. Strutting in black heels and wearing a pair of traditional earrings just to ensure that you don’t mistake the look for one. Wear this look to a party and be a head turner.

Whether it’s a pair of shorts, a skirt or a dress, this jacket can most effortlessly add a cherry on the cake. Wear it with shorts or jeans with a pair of sneakers for a perfect street style look OR throw it on a short bodycon dress with pencil heels to win a million hearts. I personally loved the white embroidery on one side that’s making it less casual when worn for a party look. The front zip can even protect you from cold if styled in winters. Keeping it open can definitely make you look stylish.

Not every piece of clothing can suffice our need of casual as well as party look. Rarely we find some and this jacket is definitely helping me rock the street style as well as throwing some sass for the night at the same time. I can think of a million ways to sport this beauty, how about you?

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Picture Courtesy: Abinash Nayak, follow his amazing work on INSTAGRAM

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Jacket – The Bleu Label
Jeans – H&M
Top – H&M Similar Here
Heels – Inc 5 Similar Here


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Denim Dress Ft. The Bleu Label Thu, 24 May 2018 17:43:55 +0000

A brand that is specific to only denim garments is my current favorite. Foreseeing the versatility of denim got the owner, Mr. Aamir Ahmad, to come up with his online store, The Bleu Label, where he is utilizing denim to create different outfits for both, men and women. The owner believed that a lot can be done out of this cloth and with his creative mind and talent, he gave birth to The Bleu Label. The garments he is bringing into the market is an amalgamation of vintage and new age design.

Denim, as we all know, is the most cool(est) garment and we all have been wearing it since ages. It all started with denim jeans and today we are wearing every second garment made of denim fabric. From (denim) tops to dresses to jackets, what not has been listed in the fashion chart. Lately we have been wearing a lot of outfits made from washed denims. Basically when the fabric is washed, it removes the stabilizing agents making the denim soft.

I had received three different garments from The Bleu Label made out of washed denim. Out of which, I am donning one look here, for the rest of the two, y’all have to wait for the next post.

 A tie up Denim Dress

We all love dresses and when it’s made of denim, it’s definitely something new in the wardrobe. Who won’t want to own one, right? Well here I am wearing this easy breezy dress having a cute lace detailing and a slight frill at the bottom which definitely is making a statement. Given the liberty to choose, this was my first pick from The Bleu Label site. The tie up strap on the shoulders is making it super adjustable. I totally give it a go in scorching summer. Pairing it with boho earrings and blush heels to spice up the look and making it look party wear (Don’t go by the pictures for they are kept casual). Wear this dress out on a brunch with your buddy with a pair of sneakers for a casual chic look. Love how we can transform a dress from a casual to a party look. You can even try this dress with a wide brown belt and a pair of ankle boots. What say? Would you like me to do something similar?

Photography Courtesy: A pretty girl, Prachi who made me fall in love with her photography skills instantly. The pictures speak more about her talent. Head to her INSTAGRAM and follow her.

Hope you like the look guys. I would love to hear something about the same from your side. Do write me.

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Shades – The Club Factory
Dress – The Bleu Label
Heels – Shuberry
Earrings – Street Market Similar Here
On My Lips – Mac Heroine


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Best Accessories To Wear With Designer Silk Sarees Sun, 20 May 2018 14:17:45 +0000

Silk is the nature’s beautiful presentation of art and craft and definitely, there is no woman on Earth who doesn’t love this beautiful piece of fabric. Come with amazing skin benefits and appearance, silk saree is the favourite of every type of woman regardless their age, profession, choice and beauty.

Thanks to traditional Indian craftsmen, these are available in various colors, patterns, styles, prints and styles which open the door for Indian women to buy designer saree more. Even most of the designers prefer to showcase their Indian traditional instinct and talent on silk fabric.

Kamar Patti Or Traditional Belt   

Silk sarees provide the best way to wear various types of accessories and kamar patti is just one of the perfect one. Available in many kinds and styles, you can choose the traditional belt according to the amount of handwork and design on your silk designer saree. If it has a lot of work, choose a simple and sleek traditional belt otherwise the gold studded belt will look fabulous on you.

Potli Or Folded Clutch

Inspire yourself from the beauty of Rekha. Here every appearance and look inspire the youth how to carry yourself with panache among the peers and fans.

Her frolic wardrobe of silk sarees is under the hit list of many fashionistas but till then they can have a look at her vehement choice of accessories. Especially potli bags!

These bags come with studded stones and tassel tight belt at the neck. The amazing startling show of colours is the best thing to spot in them.

Embellished Sandals Or Heels

Make sure they are comfortable and you can always conquer the world at any hour of the day. With silk sarees, choose beautifully embellished sandals or women heels. You choose pumps or 6 inches high heels but make sure, the footwear has proper bedding to provide proper rest to your feet.

A Pair Of Royal Bangles

If you are wearing a silk saree, don’t worry about the jewellery. The jewellery will automatically accentuate the royal glare of the designer saree. But make sure, you are not overloading the look otherwise the simplicity and regal touch of the saree will hide in the dark shadows.

Wear royal or wide and heavy pairs of bangles and you will be done.

Jhumkis Are All

Ditch a lavish neck piece this time and opt for royal and big jhumkis. Make sure they are not heavy and can be worn all day long without any pain late night. If you want to avoid stone studding, you always can but make sure you’re not opting for over studding which may overshadow the shine of your designer silk saree online.

Blouse Design Matters

If you want to look like a queen in the event, make sure you put extra concern for designer blouses and quirky designs. Same round neck and quarter sleeves’ trend are gone now. Try something new to beat the heat of the new gen!

From buttoned back or dual shaded blouses, check out and keep on experimenting various designs to get the boss look.

Hope you find this post useful and ensure the tips shared to rock your silk saree. Do share the pictures with me in case you are planning to hit any occasion.

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SheIn Wishlist To Achieve A Colorful Wardrobe Fri, 18 May 2018 17:48:04 +0000

If I were to pick one online destination for all the clothes fashionable, it would undoubtedly be SheIn. I am head over heels in love with their collection. Being fashion driven, I am always on a hunt for the most trending pieces. I don’t make purchases easily and have a habit of checking all the online and offline stores yet I always end up returning to SheIn for it’s the only site that meets my expectations. Not just the clothes, you will also find the most latest range of shoes and other accessories. From clothes to bags to shoes to jewlries, what not to love here. I just go crazy sometimes shortlisting articles for myself. All I can say is that I have never returned empty handed from this stunning site.

Heading over to post now. Though I have done a couple of looks from SheIn’s collection before, today’s post is completely about my most favorite and colorful dresses from SheIn. As you all know, I am a sucker for pretty dresses and since it’s summer already, I am ensuring that my wardrobe is full of colorful and vibrant pieces. The dresses I have picked for this post includes almost everything trendy. Starting from ruffles which is the latest sensation TO floral dresses without which the summers are incomplete TO quirky jumpsuits which is always making a statement TO lace and mesh dresses which is topping the fashion chart currently TO pleated and co-ords love, I have included some of all and I hope you like them. These picks range from casual to semi casual to party dresses, ALL. One most important thing that I love about SheIn is that it does not dig a deep hole in my pocket. Dresses super trendy, super comfy and super reasonable is what every girl will look for, do you agree? And no other site can fulfill the dream of your colorful trendy wardrobe than SheIn. So now shall we get started?

Below are the 11 mandatory dresses that I have shortlisted for you all that will make everyone around you go WOW.

1. Florals Ruffle Trim Asymmetrical Cami Dress

A versatile piece that can be worn on a beach or for a casual brunch with your bestie or partner. Make this dress the first to enter your closet.

2. SHEIN Knot Detail Striped Cami Dress

Want some sass in a casual piece this summer, well then do not think twice before letting this one enter your wardrobe. A very chic and summery outfit to beat the heat plus you can never go wrong with stripes. The front knot detail is increasing the oomph factor making this piece stand out amongst the crowd. What say babes?

3. SHEIN Ruffle Sleeve Surplice Wrap Romper

Ruffle,wrap and romper…don’t you think the trio deserves to be worn by every fashionista out there. A must have easy breezy dress it is and the orange color is just adding the beauty to it all the more.

4. Flounce Sleeve Self Tie Floral Dress

Can you dare to resist a floral wrap dress at all?? I cannot. Such a fun floral dress with flounce sleeves is what I am ensuring to try without fail. What about you girls?

5. Lace Hollow Out Halter Dress

Few things in life are meant to be elegant. One such thing is a lace dress. No matter if it’s a casual piece or a date night dress, one tends to look elegant in a lacy outfit. So girls in case you don’t have one, I have chosen this halter neck sexy piece for you. Ain’t this uber pretty?

6. SHEIN Button Embellished Plaid Cami Jumpsuit

Aren’t we done with routine jumpsuits already? It’s time to spice up your jumpsuit rack. This strappy plaid jumpsuit is definitely going to make you stand tall in a crowd, more because of its side button embellishment. You think so too?

7. SHEIN Mixed Print Belted Wrap Jumpsuit

Another piece that I could not resist putting up here is this printed jumpsuit with a belt wrap. The belt is adding a fun element to the look making it more stylish. I personally love the print for it’s quite irregular. Also do not forget to notice the collar part. Ain’t that looking awesome?

8. Elbow Sleeve A Line Ankle Length Dress

One of my favorite blues this summer (already drooling over pastels), this pretty pastel piece got me completely. The dress looks so soothing, a perfect summer outfit to rock any day occasion.

9. SHEIN Yellow Crew Neck Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress

And finally “YELLOW” made it to my list. How can a summer wardrobe be complete without one? The most simple yet stunning piece this one is. Little drama in the sleeves and you are sorted. Enough to make a statement, isn’t it? Go grab this one without a second thought loves.

10. SHEIN Flower Applique Mesh Sleeve Pleated Dress

Need we hear more about the mesh and pleats doing the rounds? No, right? Well I have got both in one dress. I literally can’t get over this must have summer dress. The pleated blush pink dress with mesh embroidered sleeves is just what I needed.

11. SHEIN Fishtail Dress With Tied Strap

Last but never the least, cheers to you all with this red cocktail dress. Firstly it’s red and secondly it’s bodycon which together is screaming partaaayyyyy. The strap and the fishtail at the bottom is enough to make you look more stylish than any other girl in the party.  Get your hands on this one and hit a pub with your beloved. No wonder you are getting heads turned.

Just click on the image if you wish to buy any of these dresses. It will take you to the site directly.

It is always fun shopping and more when it’s done from SheIn. So what are your thoughts about my picks? Which dress did you like the most? Are you too a SheIn lover?
Well you can answer all my questions down in the comment section. I am always ears.

Happy Shopping loves and hope you all have a great day!

Till we meet next…


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Get Summer Ready In Valentine Clothes! Mon, 14 May 2018 18:30:38 +0000

Whether we are out shopping, partying, dating or being at the comfort of our own house, we always aim to look our best. To have us achieve the same, Valentine has come up with the amazing collection this summer. Valentine, mostly perceived as a lounge wear and nightwear brand, has much more to offer.

I feel fortunate to have been invited for the launch of their flagship store at linking road, Mumbai on April 24th. I was completely amazed by their super cool and summery collection. The entire store was filled with pastels. Summers call for pastels and trust me guys if you do not check their collection, you will be missing out on a lot. A plethora of pastel outfits they have will get you in dilemma on what to buy and what not? Well I got lucky to have tried a couple of outfits, all in pastel shades from their range.

“Valentine caters to the fashion need of Men, Women and Kids across nightwear, lounge wear, bridal wear,sportswear, kitchen wear & bathwear. The brand name ‘Valentine’ is synonymous to ‘LOVE’. Through their products, they strive to share their love for the quality garments with their consumers”

Before talking further, let’s get onto the looks I’ve tried.

1. I found these pants too versatile for they can be worn as a night wear as well as for a casual outing. These pants have elastic at the top as well as at the bottom. I have pulled the bottom up and given a loose fall for more stylish look. When worn at night, one can keep it as it is. Spiced up the look of the trouser by wearing it with a layered halter neck crop top and contrast shades. Well can you tell this is a lounge wear bottom? I can wear this look to a brunch date or perhaps when I am out on a shopping spree. What say? Do you like the look?

2. The moment I entered the store, the first outfit that caught my eye was this blush pink top and the fabric is heavenly, so soothing. I knew I had to try this. Without a thought, I paired the top with blue bottom (love the color of the bottom, too) and as you can see, the final look just stood out. The pastel top with pastel bottoms make the perfect pair. Summers can’t get better in pastel outfits. I am in awe of the look, totally loved the combo for it’s screaming summers.

3. Last but never the least is the look where I am wearing a pyjama set, completely nightwear. The set is made from sinker- rayon. Valentine has got some great styles in pyjama set too. Sleeveless and knee length sets in pastel shades and funky styles are left on you guys to go and check at their store. Get comfort and look chic in Valentine clothing.

Do not miss to visit the store if you have one in your city. Mumbaikars you ought to check this new store and get a few outfits home. Well, you can thank me later. Since they have a limited stores pan India, you can shop their collection online HERE.

Outfit Courtesy: Valentine

Picture Courtesy: Abinash Nayak (3rd look)

Do share your views on the looks. Would love to receive from you lovely people. Till we meet again..


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Should You Wear Silver Or White Gold Jewellery? Thu, 26 Apr 2018 18:17:38 +0000


There are several similarities between white gold and silver jewellery. Both metals are popular and to the untrained eye, they can look the same. So, what is the difference, and which is the best option?


One of the biggest advantages of the white-greyish material is that it is highly hypoallergenic. This makes silver jewellery ideal for people who suffer from sensitive skin or metal allergies. Sterling silver tends to be the best option for silver jewellery as it contains over 92% of real silver and allows for a variety of intricate designs.

What’s the Value of Silver?

While silver is typically more affordable than gold, it is still a precious metal. It may be affordable, but it still offers a high quality, making it appealing for daily wear. Many people who wear silver jewellery enjoy buying a well-crafted piece without being left out of pocket.

The Look and Feel of Silver Jewellery

Silver offers cool hues that compliment cooler skin tones tremendously. It also goes really well with different shades of green, blue, purple and other gems. What’s more, silver is a lot firmer than gold which means it’s more resistant to dents and scratches. You can find a wide choice available at

Looking After Silver Jewellery

Silver is not necessarily the easiest kind of metal to look after. If you fail to look after it properly and store it adequately, it may tarnish. However, there are many silver wearers who prefer this look as it makes their jewellery appear vintage.


Just like wearing silver, skin tends to be less susceptible to reactions and allergies when wearing white gold jewellery.

The Value of White Gold Jewellery

Since white gold is a metal made by combining several metallic ingredients and is therefore an alloy, its prices depend on its components. White gold typically consists of copper, silver and gold. In some cases, it can be made with lesser quality materials like nickel which irritates the skin.

The Look and Feel of White Gold

Since white gold is an alloy, it can be found in many shades. Some pieces may look more yellow, but the most popular shade of white gold looks just like silver. The difference, though is that it’s a more subtle type of white with yellow undertones. White gold comprises around 50% of gold, which means it is a softer metal and easier to create delicate shapes with.

Looking After White Gold

Gold is popular due to its ability to not oxidize from moisture and air. Just like the metal, gold, white gold tends to be easy to care for and doesn’t require much cleaning.


Both white gold and silver jewellery have their pros and cons when it comes to picking the best option for you. It will all come down to your budget, how much maintenance you are prepared to do and how and where you will wear the jewellery.

Hope you find this post useful. Till we meet next..


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The Beauty Of Ruffles! Sun, 22 Apr 2018 14:52:46 +0000

Let’s say it’s a fashion not easily accepted by everyone. Ruffles are meant to give larger than life feel. Hence it’s not frequently opted. One tends to make a statement when wearing one. You definitely can’t wear ruffles when you intend to be a part of the crowd. But hey, do you wish to stand out among the crowd? Go for it, blindfolded. Topping the fashion trend currently, ruffles are still thought over before letting them enter the wardrobe. From adorning the hemlines, to off the shoulder necklines, to pants, they have made their presence felt in every piece of clothing. A simple top or a dress with a single layer of ruffle itself makes a statement. A ruffled outfit works like an ornament. You don’t need a piece of jewelry to accentuate the look.               It, in itself, brings the charm.


If you haven’t dived into a layer of petals yet, tis’ the time. Go get yourself an outfit adorned with ruffles and feel the difference. You will feel like a million dollar buck. Make a statement with this oh so popular trend. Fast forward to my look now. Having a couple of ruffle pieces already, I still could not let this ruffled bodysuit pass my eyes without sending it to my cart. Here I am pairing this monochrome ruffle top with a dark grey cum black denim skirt and adding some more style with a double buckle belt. A distressed mini skirt is complementing the look by softly taking the back seat and letting the ruffles take the main seat. I love how the ruffles sit like a crown on this skinny look. Spicing up the look with a pair of fishnet stockings and lace up boots. Madly in love with this street look. The look curated is super comfortable and easy to carry. Even if you have to walk miles, you can strut in style in this comfy yet glamorous ensemble. Before concluding, let me draw your focus a bit on those faux fur earrings and the quilted bag that I am wearing. There’s a lot that I have worn to curate this look yet the ruffles are taking over. That’s the beauty of ruffles.

Need I say more? Go guys, get your piece today and sport some trendy look. Before that, do take a moment to share your precious comments on this look.

Hair & Makeup: Maria, Follow her HERE

Behind the Lens: Kanika, Follow her HERE

Until we meet next…


Keepstyling! Keepsmiling!




Bodysuit – Romwe
Skirt – Zara Similar Here and Here
Boots – Knotty Derby
Bag – Romwe
Belt – Romwe
Fishnet stockings – Only Similar Here
Earrings – Romwe
Sunglasses – Romwe
Watch – Fossil
On My Lips – Maybelline New York Pink 1


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