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How I arrived at fashionistha, any guess?? It’s pretty simple…yes you got it right..it just so goes with my name. Nistha’s passion for fashion brings to you fashionistha.

Hailing from an Indian Marwari family (born and brought up) it did not come easy for me to take up blogging until now when the biggest support system of my life (my love..my husband) became my motivating factor and gave me all the necessary push. The most beautiful soul I have married to is my lucky charm as well.

It all started at a very tender age (I guess 11) when I would never settle for even a dress bought for me by anyone, be it my parents, siblings or relatives. Anything that I would wear had to be solely of my choice. I always had my own style and fashion sense.

Time passed, I completed my education (MBA) and started working but I was never at peace with what I was doing.

I never planned my life. Whatever came, I took in my stride and kept walking with no idea of where it’s taking me. Things kept on changing in my life, including my jobs (pun intended) but one thing that never changed or I would say kept on growing was my love for fashion. I wish I can explain what this word means to me.

Here I come to you guys as a fashion blogger writing everything about what I am wearing, how I am carrying myself, experimenting with attires and accessories, etc.  I really hope you all can relate to my fashion space and I can be of help to you.

I believe the experience of my journey will be one of its kind. Like it’s said, the journey is more beautiful than the destination. Yes, I truly believe in the saying. So am I hoping.

All I need from you guys is your love and support. So let’s get started. Super excited and thrilled to share my first blog with Y’all. Wish me luck. Also, don’t forget to keep styling and keep smiling. Xoxo

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I am Nistha, a girl next door from Pune, stepping into the world of blogging to share my fashion space with everyone out there. An MBA by qualification and a fashion blogger by passion. Hopping from one job to another, I finally found my solace in fashion blogging..


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