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Reasons to Buy Antiques: Pocket Watch Investments

Popular Purchases Contrary to popular belief, it is not just people in their forties and over that are more likely to be interested in antique jewellery and accessories such as pocket watches. Indeed, there are lots of younger consumers who are very interested in...

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Pampering Day With Elle Spa & Salon!

Hey fam, hope you're all having a great relaxing weekend. Well I had the most relaxing one with Elle Spa & Salon. Juggling between your personal and professional life and always running on your toes, you reach a point where in you need some external enerzising...

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Choosing The Best Shavers For Ladies!

Body hairs are important for different reasons but when they are ignored they may grow astray giving you an unattractive look and making you feel uncomfortable. It is therefore important for you to invest in the best shaver to get rid of these unwanted body hairs...

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Unisex Sunglasses Ft. Titan Eye Plus!

  An accessory plays the most important role to enhance any look. Irrespective of how well one is dressed, a small addition of even a pair of sunglasses can make the look stand out even more. I can't step out without one, surely! There is no denial to the fact that a...

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How Diamond Engagement Rings Came to Be!

  Did you know that the custom of presenting a diamond ring to signify your engagement to a loved one can be traced to monarchy in Austria? Apparently, the Archduke Maximilian of Austria was the first to present the engagement ring featuring precious diamonds in 1477,...

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5 Ways To Get Rid of Crepey Skin!

Have you as of late been seeing creased crinkly skin on parts of your body? That expansive influence on your legs, stomach area, thighs and arms is the thing that can be alluded to as 'crepey skin'. Are your inclination awkward with this sort of skin? It may be a...

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