Hello my fashionable fam! Hope you all had a great start to the week. Today’s post is all about new trending shoes, a new topic that I have covered today. Although I have written about footwear and some great brands before as well, yet this one is worth giving a read.

Let me start with introducing what “Elevator Shoes”are? So basically elevator shoes are the normal shoes with thick section of insoles (aka shoe lifts) under their heels to make the wearer look taller. The sole idea is to elevate the height and give the wearer a better posture. Unlike high heeled shoes, the elevator shoes keep the heels hidden from the eyes of the observers.

One such International shoe brand that offers elevator shoes esp for men is CHAMARIPA. Taking shoemaking to the level of an art form, each pair of CHAMARIPA shoes is carefully crafted by hand in a process that includes at least 32 separate production steps. Their shoes ensure you walk straight, with straight shoulders and head up. Wearing elevator shoes not only makes you look taller but also boosts up your confidence. They offer a wide variety of high quality, comfortable and stylish shoes making you look 2″-5″ taller. They have all the range of shoes: Formal, Casual, Summer Sandals, Boots and Sneakers.

Women Shoes: Women too can flaunt their curves wearing elevator shoes and make a statement. Be it sneakers, heels or sports shoe, they have it all. The women shoes are made with extra care with more cushioning taking into consideration their delicate feet providing them with the utmost comfort. So ladies get onto trying one such pair and increase your confidence to another level.

Important Pointers:

1. They accept payments via Paypal, Credit Cards and Western Union. The payment process is kept smooth to save time.

2. They offer 30 days return/exchange policy provided the shoes are not worn or damaged and they are returned in original condition. If you find any issues with the size or the quality, they are always there to replace or return it to your satisfaction.

3. They guide you with your shoe size. In case you are not sure of your size, check it HERE. This is the most easy method to know your size.

4. They offer $2 OFF on subscription and $5 OFF on a positive and true feedback. Well who does not want to avail these offers, right?

5. They believe in a long term relationship with their customers for which they have a special Membership Program for their most trusted and frequent customers. Click HERE to learn more about the same.

Check some of my favorite pieces from their collection below:

Black / White Height Increasing Sneaker Casual High Heel Lift Skate Shoes Tall Men Shoes Mens Lifting Shoes

Women Elevator Sneaker High Top Height Increasing Shoes Taller Shoes 7 CM/2.76 Inches

Women Elevator Shoes Pink Sneaker With Lifts Heiht Insole Shoes To Look Taller 7 CM /2.76 Inches

Black Glossy Elevator Tuxedo Shoes Patent Leather High Increase Shoes

Height Increasing Boots Hidden Heel Working Boots Brown Men Taller Shoes 13 CM / 5.12 Inches

Chamaripa high heel shoes for men and women is for a win guys. They do not ship in India, hence I would like all my non Indian friends to have a look at their website and do give it a try. Whatever kind of shoes you want is available at Chamaripa. All you gotta do is choose the finest pair for yourself. Also do not forget to share your precious views on the brand and the products. See you all soon, until next…

Keepstyling! Keepsmiling!



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