The 14th of February is not like any other day of the year. It’s a day where the magic of love comes alive as couples focus on their relationship and each other. With so many ideas out there on what to do and what to buy, however, some can get carried away and the meaning of the day gets lost.

If you want to keep things meaningful and focused on your relationship, we have some great ideas on how to spend your Valentine’s Day. If you have been thinking of buying that special piece of jewellery for your loved one, look no further! The jewellers that Brisbane lovers can buy from like Ringleaders on Valentines never disappoint with what they’re selling, especially at this time of year.

Ideas For A Romance-Filled Valentine’s Day

Maybe you feel like you’ve done it all with your partner. Maybe you feel as though you’ve run out if ideas and nothing springs to mind when it comes to Valentine’s Day plans. If this is the case or you simply need a bit of solid inspiration, keep reading.

Share A Picnic

Whether it’s outside at your favorite park or inside by the fire, you can create the ultimate romantic atmosphere. Spend time together laughing, talking and sharing special moments whilst you create a picnic with champagne, strawberries, chocolate and rose petals sprinkled around the blanket. If you wish to cook, there are plenty of great recipes online that can have you dishing up the ultimate Valentine’s meal for your loved one. Feeling lazy? Order at your favorite take-away and remember to use your best plates and cutlery for the occasion!

Book A Spa Day Or Couple Massage

If you want to relax and unwind, keep things chill and add some steam to your romantic day. Alternatively, surprise your loved one with a bath at home filled with rose petals. Put on some sultry music and add candles around the bathroom to set the mood. A glass of wine and some treats by the bath side is also a nice touch. Finish the night with a massage to top your intimate spa experience off.

Romantic Movies

If you both like chic flicks then you’re winning on this one. Prepare a selection of romantic movies to curl up with your loved one to as you keep the romance at an all-time high.

Go Back To Your First Date

You can think back to where you first met and either return there or re-recreate it on your own. This is a wonderful surprise for your loved one and is super romantic. It shows you are thinking back in your relationship and have gone that extra step to deliver something thoughtful.

A Romantic Road Trip

The getaway idea is the ultimate Valentine surprise that creates a lot of excitement. If you have a car, plan out spots you have always wanted to visit and book nearby hotels or Air B&B’s whilst you travel around with your sweetheart. Alternatively, a getaway in the forest or mountains can be a beautiful way to get closer to your partner on Valentines.

Hopefully these ideas will get you one step closer to spending an amazing Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

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