Winter is finally on its way and after a few weeks of blooming spring, it will be time to take out your summer outfits and get your summer jewellery out of storage. The summer is a time for rich and bold colours, and with the right jewellery, you can accessorize in style, and with that in mind, here are some great tips on summer jewellery care to help keep your precious items in tip-top condition.

Don’t Wear Rings While Swimming In The Sea – It is oh so easy to lose a ring when swimming, and the chances of finding it are slim to say the least. If you are planning to go swimming or snorkelling, it is best to remove all of your jewellery, and don’t forget that shiny items might attract predatory fish, which might result in a painful nip!

Avoid Saltwater And Chlorine – That isn’t to say you can’t take a dip, just make sure you take off your jewellery first. Both salt and chlorine can discolour precious metals like platinum and silver, while it can also tarnish precious stones, so beware! You might want different styles of Nomination charms to be worn on the beach, which is fine, but remove the bracelet whenever you cool off in the surf. Even spending time on the beach can affect your jewellery, as the salty air can make precious metals look dull, so always rinse items with water before completely drying. Sand is another summer issue with jewellery, which is another reason to carefully clean each item after a beach session.

Always Wipe Jewellery After Wearing – Every time you take off a summer jewellery item, give it a wipe with a clean, dry cloth, which will remove all traces of lotions and creams, while maintaining that shine. If a piece of jewellery is dirty, you can clean it with mild soapy water and a soft toothbrush; just remember to remove all the soap before drying the item thoroughly.

Take Off Jewellery When Applying Sunscreen – When applying sunscreen, make sure you remove your jewellery, as this can cause the jewellery to become dull. It might not be noticeable at first, but sunscreen can leave a thin film on precious metals, so avoid wearing any jewellery when applying sunscreen. The internet is a good source of related articles should you need more summer jewellery care tips from the experts.

Avoid Letting Jewellery Items Come Into Contact With Each Other – If your jewellery box is padded, so much the better, otherwise store items in separate cloth pouches, which will ensure that nothing gets scratched. Scratches can really show up, making your jewellery look tired and jaded, so ensure that each item is stored in such a way that it is always protected.

If you are looking to add to your summer jewellery collection, there are affordable online jewellers who have a wide range of items, and when you find what you are looking for, a secure online payment is all it takes to see the goods shipped to your door in time for the glorious British summer.

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