Hey guys, how have you been? It’s been a while since I have posted. I hope you guys have an amazing New Year. Hope this year has something great in store for all my lovely readers.

Today’s post is not about fashion but food. Yeah you heard me right. Seeing my pictures, I am sure you can’t tell that I can be a foodie too but I do enjoy food as much as I do fashion. I had recently visited this new place in Pune called Cafe Peter which has opened at Bund Garden. Little did I know that I would fall in love with their lip smacking food. With such a varied options that they have, I could hardly decide what to order as I wanted to order everything on the menu. Finally I made a decision of what should I eat and ordered Veg Trio Clear Soup, Veg Arabiata and Peter Cookie Crunch. Well that was quite a lot for me as they served really good quantity. This place gives you value for money for sure.

Sharing my experience one by one:

1. Veg Trio Clear Soup: This delicacy is absolutely low in calories and high in nutrients like folic acid and fibre. Use vegetable stock instead of water to enhance its taste. Served with soya sauce and vinegar, this is a great way to fire off a Chinese feast. They had some 4 big pieces of dumplings in the soup in a big giant bowl. Man that was too much for one person but the good thing was it was too light and extremely yummy. I would strongly recommend you guys to try this soup, more if you are into healthy eating.

2. Veg Arabiata: One of the dishes I am sure each and everyone would have had a lot. Well I have a weak knees for pasta so had to order. Wanted to go light and easy on stomach hence Arabiata. Otherwise I love cheesy pasta in white sauce more. I still remember how delicious the dish looked when it was served and the quantity was too good to work as a full fledged meal for one person. I love that they had put the right amount of tomato sauce and herbs in it which apparently is not the case everywhere else. It tasted so good, I thoroughly enjoyed pasta. Also I could not finish it all by myself but the cravings were strong.

3. Peter Cookie Crunch: As the name suggests, this shake was made of crunchy cookies and was overloaded with oh so tasty cream and chocolate syup. Every single sip was heavenly and I still feel the tatse. It’s their speciality and one must have it. The shake was too heavy of course considering the cookies and the cream and the chocolates but worth indulging. Make sure you try this whenever hopping to this place.

About Cafe Peter

Location: Bund Garden Shop 18, Shangrila Garden, Bund Garden Rd, Chowk, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

Cuisine: Fast Food, Italian, Asian, Salads, Beverages, Desserts

More Info: Breakfast, Home Delivery, Wifi, Desserts and Bakes, Indoor Seating

So guys I am sure you know my appetite by now…hahaha. Cafe Peter has become one of my favorite places currently and I am always looking out for a reason to go there. They also have other branches in Pune.

Do visit the place and let me know your views.

Until next…

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