Body hairs are important for different reasons but when they are ignored they may grow astray giving you an unattractive look and making you feel uncomfortable. It is therefore important for you to invest in the best shaver to get rid of these unwanted body hairs giving a smooth fell and high confidence. Fortunately, women do not have facial hairs like men but they need to keep their brows well shaped and trimmed and remove undesirable hairs on the bikini line, under the arms and on the legs. Hair removal for women is a routine that continues throughout life. On average women spend almost a day per year on hair removal.

Most of us prefer using wet shave razors because they are the cheapest option but according to grooming experts purchasing a quality electric lady shaver could be more economical considering the cost of replacing blades in the long run.

In the market today, there are different types of lady shavers designed for women with features that will keep their skin smooth without causing ingrown hairs, irritation, nicks and razor bumps. It is therefore convenient to buy specific shaver for these sensitive areas to make it easier to get rid of unwanted hairs. However, figuring out how to choose the best shaver or trimmer can be a tough task considering the variety of brands, style and design. We have prepared this article to guide you on how to choose a lady shaver that will serve all your hair removal requirements. With these buying tips and our recommendations, you can get the most suitable tools for your grooming.

Purchasing a Hair Shavers for Ladies

It is important to have an idea of what kind of a hair trimmer you are looking for before you get to the cosmetic store as the salesperson may misguide you to purchase the wrong gadget. It helps to do a research and comparison between different models and brands of professional shavers so as to get the best tool for the best price. All shavers and blades are not made equal and when investing in a body shaver, you need to consider some features to ensure that you get the best grooming tool. Some trimmers are made for shaving the eyebrows, other for removing unwanted hair around the bikini area but you can still find one that can serve multiple purposes but there are some common things that you need to look at when buying your shaver.

Lady Shavers Buying Tips

  • First of all it is important to understand that lady shavers differ completely form men’s shavers which are designed with features to cut through course hair on smaller areas. Lady shavers on the other hand are design to shave large areas of soft hairs.
  • Cordless Shavers – Modern high-tech shavers are cordless making them easy to use in the shower or to move with them whenever you are travelling. These grooming tools only requires charging in advance while some run on exclusively on battery.
  • Versatility – Some shavers are made to use on dry skin while others can be used on either wet or dry skin. If you are moving away from the disposable razors and upgrading to a professional lady shaver, you should consider a tool that gives you the convenience to shave while you bathe or under dry condition especially when you are getting a quick touch in a hurry. A dry & wet shaver means that it gives you a greater trimming flexibility.
  • Price and Guarantee – Whenever possible get the best quality shaver for the least price possible. You can consider promotion and discounted offers. It is key to consider the warranty and Money Back Guarantee as this is a sign of the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of the device.

Top 3 Recommended Lady Shavers

  1. Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC Shaver for Ladies

This multi-functional Panasonic model is designed for the whole body with a shape that makes it easy to get into the curves of the bikini area and under the arms. It is versatile, water proof and made of hypoallergenic blades which making it ideal for sensitive skins and convenient to shave on both dry and wet conditions. Its small size design and the discrete charger make the shaver portable especially if you like travelling.

It also comes with 4 floating blades which pivot into delicate and sensitive curves with easy. It operates on a rechargeable Ni-cad battery which can last for up to 20 minutes and has a 2-Year warranty so you can buy with confidence.

  1. Philips SatinShave Prestige – For fast and precise shave

The SatinShave Prestige has a sleek design which is easy to handle and control. You will be impressed by the multi-flex head that enables a close and comfortable shave on dry or wet skin. It is has a powerful motor eliminating the need to redo the same area and making faster than other models. It also comes with a skin stretcher cap to enhance precision as well as bikini trimmer head and cap which are easy to change. It is rechargeable and has a travel pouch and cap making it a useful tool for travelling.

  1. Remington Smooth & Silky Cordless LadyShaver

This shaver is well built in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. It has 2 floating blades/ foils which gives you a perfect close shave on the entire body for both dry and shower shaving. It comes with a bikini trimmer comb which means you don’t have to buy a different device for bikini area trim. It also includes a stand charging station and its charge life can run for 30 minutes or more, a cleaning brush and a travel bag making it ideal for travelling.

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