After four long and endless months of lockdown, my desire to return to the gym was really strong. I had managed to train at home every now and then, but I lacked the feeling of going to the gym and being with my friends. As soon as the quarantine is over and the gyms have reopened, I immediately went back to what is a real hobby of mine. When I train, I feel good about myself, and above all I feel really fit.

As I said, I did not remain completely still on the sofa during the lockdown, training from time to time with the products I had purchased on FeelinGirl, which helped me to maintain the physical shape that I had achieved in the gym during the autumn. I really believe that without their products I would not have been able to achieve the same results!

In particular, I used a lot of the high waist shaping shorts of this brand, which, together with squats, helped me a lot in lifting my butt. They are also fantastic and unbeatable in terms of compression on the belly and butt. The belly, in particular, is perfectly contained within the shorts, thanks to the high-waisted pattern.


As soon as I got back to the gym everyone, even my instructor, congratulated me on the body I had, despite the fact that the gyms had been closed for so long! Many people even asked me the question “what’s your secret to staying so fit?”. They were so surprised to see the result I had recently achieved, and I answered their question by recommending them to buy FeelinGirl’s high waist shaping shorts, the ideal products to wear under any type of outfit , which remodel the figure, giving hourglass curves.

But in addition to the shorts, I could not help but recommend to my friends at the gym also the best waist cincher belt that I have ever tried in my life, which can also be purchased on the FeelinGirl website. In the past I had had several bad experiences with other waist trimmers, due to the lacking quality, which tended to cause them to get damaged after very few washes in the washing machine or that irritated my skin, annoying me during my workouts. Driven by the many positive reviews, I purchased this from FeelinGirl and, believe me, I couldn’t be more satisfied with it!

Now the whole gym knows my little secret, but it was worth it. Many of my friends have already purchased the double belt waist trimmer present on the site: they couldn’t resist when I told them that it promotes sweating and therefore helps you lose weight! The double belt, in fact, helps a lot in compression on the belly and waist, helping to maintain control during exercise, and adjusting it to your liking.

Other splendid characteristics of the waist trimmers are certainly the fact that they are available in many sizes. This brand takes into account all women, not excluding any. They are also super fashion, making you feel very chic even in the gym!

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