Hola my lovely fam…Been really really long since I posted but now I am back with a BANG. Will be regular henceforth, I promise. Have been happening a lot since almost a month hence took a hiatus from posting. Although I was absolutely active on Instagram and Facebook. Well I am sure some of you must be knowing that I had just returned from my first trip to abroad. It was Singapore and Bali. Was not as excited as I should be as a lot of cancellations had happened before, so it was just “fingers crossed” kinda trip. Well… “All’s well that end’s well” is all that I can say and I am uber happy that the trip was a real hit!

The entire trip of 3 days in Singapore & 6 days in Bali was booked via MakeMyTrip. It was a customized trip and we started off with Singapore. We got the Singapore Visa done (which apparently is the easiest to get) and for Bali its ‘On Arrival Visa”. We stayed at Ibis Styles Singapore, Macpherson road. Reached at around 2 PM and did not really do anything useful the first day as we both were sleep deprived (quite obvio). So we simply munched on a light snack and in the evening went for a small stroll in the neighborhood. To our luck, it was drizzling the first day and we really enjoyed that quick stroll contrary to other days when it was super hot. As I am a hard core vegetarian, I found it really hard to find anything in veg as every place had got like 2 veg dishes out of 50. Although there are a few Indian restaurants too. So yeah somehow survived on coffee and pastries the first day. No complaints as I was quite prepared for it.

The 2nd day we started off with a tour to Marina Bay. Marina Bay is a large poster complex of Lion island and one of the most popular tourist destinations right from legendary lions Merlion statues to the super trees in the Gardens By The Bay & iconic building such as SkyPark and Singapore flyer ferris wheel. Not only the architectural beauty, the bay is also an entertainment centre with a plethora of exciting destinations. Surrounded by one of the iconic Singapore skylines, Marina Bay Sands. Marina Bay Sands is an enormous complex with three towers each 58 storeys tall, connected at the top by the massive sky park. Either end of the sky park are restaurants and bars and in the middle is the legendary infinity pool. To give you a perspective on how massive the sky park is, it’s longer than the Eiffel Tower. WHOA! We had spent relatively lesser time at Marina Bay and headed straight to the Gardens By the Bay which was a complete treat to the viewers eyes.

Marina Bay

In front of Merlion Lion Statue

Merlion Lion Statue & Water Fountain

Gardens By The Bay is an urban park in Singapore located on the edge of downtown of the Singapore near the Marina. It is a huge park spanning in about 100 hectares of reclaimed land and is composed of several gardens showcasing the variety of plant species and flowers. The most visible landmark at the bay are the super trees which are vertical gardens with heights ranging from 25 to 50 mtrs tall. Super trees groove comes alive during the night with an exhilarating display of lights and sounds. Also must visits at the bay are Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. My favorite among the two is Flower Dome. Considered as the largest glass green house in the world, the Flower Dome features continually changing displays of plants and flowers. During our visit, the theme for the month was the beautiful display of sunflowers from Australia.

Entrance to The Gardens By The Bay

Australian Sunflower at Flower Dome

Cute Corners at Flower Dome

Trying to hold a big fat mushroom at Flower Dome

Right in front of a cute castle at Flower Dome

Cloud Forest is a tropical forest with tropical highlights. The highlights of this place was an indoor waterfall that will greet you as you enter the dome. You can enjoy seeing different species of plants, orchids, delicate ferns, as you explore through the cloud forest mist-filled cloud walk and tree top walk. An experience unforgettable for lifetime.

Greeted by a beautiful Waterfall at the entrance of Cloud Forest

Inside Cloud Forest

The second half of the day was saved for Sentosa island. Sentosa is an Island resort which is home to theme parks, golden sandy beaches, golf courses and super fancy hotels. There are several ways to get to the Sentosa Island via cable car, mono rail or walk along the scenic Sentosa boardwalk. We opted for cable car enjoying the view of Singapore from the top. We started with 4D theater at Sentosa then went for Go -karting followed by the SEA aquarium and happily called off the day with a must watch light show. What a fun and delightful day it was. The SEA Aquarium was huge with fishes from across the world. You just don’t feel like coming out of the aquarium after getting lost in the beauty of the fishes. You will feel you are in an another world with fishes.

Sentosa Nature Park

Inside Sentosa Nature Discovery

The Most Gorgeous SEA Aquarium

Stills from SEA Aquarium

In front of the Biggest Aquarium

Beautiful colorful fishes in Aquarium

The third day was devoted to the Universal Studios. Universal Studios, Singapore is one of the only two Universal Studios theme parks in Asia. The second being in Japan. Located within Sentosa island, it features several attractions from various Universal and other studio companies. Universal Studios, Singapore is composed of 7 theme zones viz. HOLLYWOOD, NEW YORK, SCI-FI CITY, ANCIENT EGYPT, LOST WORLD, FAR FAR AWAY AND MADAGASKAR. Each zone offers an exciting and thrilling rides, shops, restaurants and other movie theme attractions that you will surely love. Some of the must experiencing rides are Transformers: The Ultimate 3D battle, Battle Star Galactica: Human vs Cylon, Revenge of the Mummy, Water World and Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. Our top most favorite was Transformers and we went twice for the ride for it was so amazing. Also not to be missed when visiting Universal Studios are the characters meet and greet (mostly for the kids).

Universal Studios Entrance

Theme based decor at Universal Studios

The entrance to Universal Studios

Ancient Egypt Decor at Universal Studios

Before indulging in fun rides at Universal Studios

Beautiful Universal Studios

Lost in the beauty of Universal Studios

My favorite picture and the corner at Universal Studios

If you are a night life person, you definitely have to visit Clark Quay. Clarke Quay is an entertainment area along the Singapore river with lots of restaurants and bars. Basically the largest night spot in Singapore. In addition to the exciting collection of bars and clubs, there is much more that Clarke Quay has to offer. Singapore River, lies at the heart of Clarke Quay providing the Central artery for this area’s thriving night life scene. Boat tours are available that cruise up and down the entire length of the river taking advantage of all the interesting sights along the way, ending up in Clarke Quay, boat quay and eventually the Marina Bay. The river snakes under the historically important bridges such as Clemenceau bridge and Anderson bridge as well as some of the important landmarks such as Merlion and Esplanade or its way into the Singapore strait. The river boat ride was a last minute derision which you must experience esp. at night as that’s exactly when you will get to see the real beauty of Singapore. It’s beyond explanation, view worth experiencing. The boat ride will cost you SGD $25 per person.

On the other side of Clarke Quay Central Mall

View of Sky Park from the Boat Ride at Night

That’s how beautiful Singapore looks when you take a boat ride, a must experience ride you should not miss out on.

The beauty of Stunning Singapore

Do carry enough Singapore dollars (SGD) in cash rather than carrying a forex travel card. Every transaction when withdrawing through travel card will cost you around SGD $3. So it’s better to carry some extra cash. Singapore is an extremely beautiful city topped with utter cleanliness and greenery. Not even a single patch of land would miss a tree. A must visit place you should add in your diary. Also let me know if you love the pictures taken by none other than hubby darling. Also thanking MMT for arranging the trip wonderfully.

Hope you enjoy reading the post and find all the essential info that you need here. Do write me if you have anything to ask or know. Stay tuned for Bali blog post…next in line! Till then, love you all and do not forget to…

Keepstyling! Keepsmiling!



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