We all purchase special items of jewelry at some point or another, and it is important that the retailer is well-versed in their industry, and will use their expertise to help their customers make the right choices. For a start, most of us wouldn’t know much about this specialized field, and therefore, we very much rely on the advice from the jeweler, regarding the authenticity and indeed value of a particular jeweler item. So, how does a person ensure that the retailer has their best interests at heart, and isn’t merely trying to offload an unpopular item? Here are a few things to bear in mind when looking for quality jeweler.


  • Impeccable References – If a jeweler has been in business for at least 5 years, they would have already built a good reputation in the industry, and if you are searching online for a reputable jeweler in Australia, for example, check out https://www.diamondjewellerystudio.com.au/, where you can browse through the many fine examples of diamond rings that are created by a master jeweler.


  • Avoid Pushy Sales people – If you are visiting a jeweler store, the staff should be friendly and outgoing, allowing the customer to browse without any pressure to buy. Any jeweler worth his salt would have the customer’s best interests at heart, and making a sale is not the priority, but rather to provide information and advice regarding your needs, and in the event you find exactly what you are looking for, all well and good.


  • Personal Care and Attention – This should be evident right from the start, and if you live in Australia, The Diamond Studio, one of the leading jewellers, can certainly offer the right advice without making you feel that you must make a purchase. Many people prefer to have a piece created for them, rather than buying a premade item, and this is possible with only a few selected establishments.


  • GIA Diamond Certification – You may already be aware that every diamond is graded by the four Cs which are Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut, and this certification should be carried out by a well-known organisation, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). If a jeweler only sells GIA certified diamonds, you can be sure that all stones are genuine and have been appraised by a recognized institute.


  • Avoid Expensive Jeweler Showrooms – These are typically located in trendy areas of the city, and whichever way you look at it, you, the customer, are paying for the luxury surroundings. This doesn’t mean that every retail jeweler is to be avoided, but anything over and above a comfortable studio atmosphere is unnecessary, and would likely result in a higher retail price.

There are reputable online jewelers, and with a simple Google search, you can bring up a list of potential retailers, and by spending some time browsing through the list, you should eventually find one that ticks all the boxes, so to speak. Investing in diamond jewelry is not something to rush into, and a professional master jeweler would not rush the selection process and would have your best interests at heart.

Hope you find this post useful and ensure the aforementioned tips before you’re headed to buy a jewelry.

Thanks for reading this and have a wonderful week. Until next time..


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