Fashion comes in full circle. Trends come, go and come back again with a twist. It’s this twist that keep all the fashion enthusiasts going. Isn’t it? Rarely something new is created, it’s mostly the modification of what’s existing. What was the trend in 70s or 80s is back yet again being more contemporary. One such trend that is back in its full swing is bell-bottoms (flared pants). None other than our very own fashionista, Gigi Hadid, has been giving us major retro fashion goals. Inspired by her and so many others, I have come up with my own version of retro look.

I still remember my favorite pair of flared pants I used to hardly get out of when I was in my early teenage. Having always been fashionable, I would definitely seek for the trendiest of the clothes but this pair I had back then stayed with me forever (in my mind). I can still see myself in those pants so clear and happy. Today, when these pants are again trending, I could barely control my happiness. Hence bringing to you all this retro inspired look I have created in my current bell bottoms.

Pairing these flared pants with a mesh embroidered top having balloon sleeves. Since the pants themselves are occupying the major part of the frame, I kept the blouse transparent and short so that it accentuates the shape and the feel of the pants. The front know and the balloon sleeves in the blouse are complementing the retro feel all the more. Hang on babes, there’s more to add to the retro vibe here. Any guesses?? Yes, it’s a pair of red shades that’s adding the much needed charm and vibe to my oh so retro look. Keeping the hair sleek to let the flares, sleeves and the shades do the talking. Hope you like the look curated for y’all. Such flared pants are way too versatile and can be styled in a multiple ways. Check the look HERE I have created in the same set of pants before. You will find me playing with these more sooner.

Behind the lens: Pratik Patil, a cinematographer and a photographer. Check his amazing INSTAGRAM feed and follow him.

Did you like the look ladies? Do let me know. Also stay glued for one of my ultra favorite looks I have recently done in collaboration with one of the best MUA in town. See you soon then. Stay happy and healthy and….


Keepstyling! Keepsmiling!




Flared pants – Shein
Mesh top – Shein
Sunglasses – Shein
Earrings – Local Similar Here and Here
Heels – Inc 5 Similar Here
On My Lips – Mac Ruby Woo


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