Fur jackets and coats can last for generations if you take care of them properly. However, there are more than a few storage and fur care mistakes that can ruin your expensive coat. If you have a mink fur jacket or something as delicate as a chinchilla trim jacket, you need to take precautions when wearing, storing, and cleaning it.

Fur coats are an excellent investment as there is a market for vintage coats. They also provide great protection against freezing temperature and a soft luxurious feel that artificial coats simply cannot match. However, to retain its value and luxurious properties you need to stop doing these 7 things.

Machine Washing Your Fur Jacket

This one should be pretty obvious but needs to be mentioned nonetheless. Fur jackets are too delicate for harsh chemical detergents and the violent tumbling action of a typical washing machine. Fur jackets also don’t do well if they are soaked in water and it can be a challenge to dry them as the fibers can burn if you use a hair dryer.

The best way to clean a fur jacket is to shake the dust off like you would do to clean an area rug. The fibers of the coat can trap a lot of dirt particles. Give the jacket a few shakes and let gravity do its thing. Once the dirt particles are removed, use a fur coat brush (not a regular comb) to gently brush the coat in the direction of the hair. Fur shops also recommend specific fur sprays to keep the fur fibers nice and shiny.

Storing Your Fur Jackets Inside A Plastic Bag

Fur coats need to be stored inside breathable bags. Thankfully, most fur coat stores provide fur coat bags made from porous materials to promote breath-ability. Use the bags provided to store the fur coat when not using them. Keeping the fur coat inside a plastic coat bag can dry it out.

Storing Your Fur At Home During Summer

Fur needs a specific humidity level and temperature when stored for long duration. Air conditioned rooms simply do not have the right balance. This is why most fur coat owners trust reputed local furriers who have vault storage facilities. These vaults have temperature and humidity control to keep the stored coats at the right conditions. Contact a local furrier as soon as spring hits and the weather starts to warm up.

Wearing Fur in Wet Days

While you don’t want your fur to dry out, you also don’t want it to get soaked. Avoid wearing fur if there is a high chance of rain. In general, avoid wearing the fur coat if the weather is too humid or wet. As mentioned in an earlier section, fur jackets can be extremely difficult to clean if they get drenched. Exposing it to excessive moisture steals the natural oils of the fur coat and leaves it dull and rough.

Inadvertently Subjecting Your Delicate Fur to Products with Oily Bases

This is a pretty common mistake and it can often lead to discoloration or staining. If you use a cosmetic product that has an oily base ensure that it doesn’t come in direct contact with the fur coat. Women often use hair products that contain oil or use skin care lotions that have an oily base. Now, when the hair comes in contact with the back of the coat it leaves a stain that can be pretty hard to remove.

Trusting a Local Dry Cleaner with No Experience of Handling Fur

Local Dry Cleaners with no experience in cleaning fur can end up ruining your expensive fur coat forever. It’s best to go to a fur shop that offers cleaning services. These shops have a special cleaning powder and tumble cleaners that are specifically made to clean delicate fur coats and jackets. If the fur jacket is in delicate condition or if they require special care, they have the skillset to clean the jackets by hand using the powder cleaning agent.

Using a Cheap Plastic Hanger

Plastic hangers are not meant for fur coats and can end up damaging them. Most cheap plastic hangers are thin and wiry. This means they put a lot of pressure on coats as the weight does not get distributed properly.

Fur coat hangers have thick shoulders with rounded edges. This not only reduces the chances of accidental tears but also distributes the weight. These hangers are usually included in the price of the coat or can be bought separately from furriers.

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