The only surviving unstitched garment is one of the world’s oldest attire being loved till today. No female can ever deny the fact that saree extracts the best beauty out of them. Fashion comes and goes, but saree always stays. It makes the best canvas for all the weavers and painters to express their creativity to make this everyday garment all the more beautiful. Well, that’s the beauty of a saree, it can be painted and weaved graciously and can be embellished to make it worn for heavier occasions as well. Saree comes in different fabrics such as cotton (the oldest and the most comfortable fabric) georgette, chiffon, silk, etc. Every material has its beauty and charm. When I was looking to buying one for me, I bumped into this huge online store named HomeShop18.

Here’s why HomeShop18 is going to be one coveted shopping site for you. Be it your favourite digital, clothing, lifestyle or appliances brands; this site has it all for you. They have won over the trust of over 1000 and more Indian & International brands and are successfully delivering to every customer’s satisfaction. If you have not yet shopped from this site, you should now. They are mainly into 3 main categories:
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These days young girls are more inclined towards wearing sarees for any Indian occasion. You will find some beautiful sarees on the above site. HomeShop18 not just has an amazing saree collection but also great offers upto 80% Off. Check the amazing deals before the offer expires.

Allow me to throw some light on different fabrics saree comes in:

  1. Cotton Saree: Cotton is the oldest fabric that has supposedly come to India from Mesopotamian Civilization. Also known as the loincloth, cotton fabric is worn since Indus Valley Civilization as a long piece of material. I am sure the girls have seen their grandmothers wearing this beautiful piece of clothing for it was how the females used to dress up on a regular basis then. The cotton sarees are very manageable once worn, but it takes an effort to manage it otherwise like getting starch done, etc.

  1. Silk Saree: Silk was considered to be as fabric for the selected classes. Silk is also called pattu in south India, paat in east India and resham in Urdu and Hindi. Some of the popular variety includes arani silk, gadwal silk, tussar silk, baluchari silk, tant silk, kantha silk, Banarasi silk, Kanchipuram silk, Mysore silk, kora silk, pochampally silk and patola saree. Among all, Banarasi silk is what females go crazy for. It takes at least two months for a weaver to weave a banarasi silk saree which is world famous. These sarees are mostly worn during special occasions. Silk sarees make one of the most beautiful Indian traditional attires.

  1. Georgette Saree: Georgette is fine, lightweight, plain weave, crêpe fabric, usually having two highly twisted S and two highly twisted Z yarns alternately in both warp and weft. Georgette sarees are originally made from silk of highly twisted yarns; hence they are quite expensive. These sarees give a beautiful shape to one’s body. The printed georgette sarees are heavily in demand and are very comfortable to carry.

  1. Chiffon Saree: Extremely light in weight, these sarees are the first pick by every teenage girl. They are mostly worn during summers and are perfect for a day look. If you have a day wedding/ occasion to attend, you know what to wear now. The beauty and elegance of a chiffon saree is of another level.

Hope this post helps you choose a right saree for you. I am always ears to your precious feedback. Until next…

Keepstyling! Keepsmiling!



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