What goes around, comes around in different clothes. Same applies on retro fashion. Fashion, I believe, is a cycle which keeps on repeating. Hence, most of the times, we see retro/vintage fashion taking over. Every now and then, we love to indulge in some style which is very retro. Don’t we? I have been browsing on internet for some cool retro dresses for a theme party and came this amazing site called ROSEGAL to my rescue right on time. Do check this site fellas. I am in love with their huge retro dresses collection. Let’s not underestimate the power of old fashion. For instance, I will mention some attires which are back in trend which once were in fashion ages ago.

1. Retro Dresses: These one piece flared dresses rock any vintage theme party. They come in so many different styles and patterns. You will find them in different prints and length. You can choose the neck style you want from halter neck to tube neck to strap style, etc. Wear your most fave stilettos and strut in style.

2. Embroidery: It embraced almost all the types of dresses back then. It seemed to be much in demand years ago. Today, we see the embroidery back in trend and its beautifying almost all the kinds of attires and accessories like denims, skirts, tops, dresses, shoes, bags, etc. etc.

3. Mules & Slides: Are also back from vintage store. With and without tassels and embroidery, they again are becoming every fashionistas favorite. We love how well it goes with most of the fashion garments that we love to flaunt in our everyday lives. Mules are definitely becoming the talk of the town.

4. Dramatic Sleeves: Oh My God, aren’t they defining fashion all over again? Name one fashionista or a fashion blogger who has not styled a bell/trumpet sleeve yet. They seem to have become the requirement of tops and dresses today. These drama sleeves add so much quirkiness and fun to even simple garment. They speak volumes.

5. Overalls/ Dungarees: If you follow my blogs religiously, you might have seen me styling a denim overall where I specificaly mentioned that these dungarees are back from 90s. I remember wearing them when I was 6-7 years old as well. Almost two decades later, they are again taking the fashion industry by storm. Much in demand, these overalls can make anyone look stylish. Try it out babes!!

Rosegal has got these amazing collection at a very affordable pricing without digging our pockets deep, giving us some major retro goals. Below are some of my favorite dresses from Rosegal. I am sure you will get great vintage vibes seeing these.

Time to get retro. Show your vintage side loves. Do check this amazing site, ROSEGAL.

Until my next post…

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