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1 in 2 women suffer due to UTI due to dirty Public Washrooms and we need to prevent the spread of Urinary Tract Infections. The only place we can ensure hygiene washrooms is at our homes. Since each one of us is travelling everyday to office, malls, etc, we are forced to use the public washrooms and the chances of getting infected have increased because of the same. I have come across one such product which will help prevent bacterial infection and maintain vaginal hygiene.

Talking about a brand which caters to the need for complete feminine hygiene. Everteen’s Natural Intimate Wash is designed to promote body’s natural vaginal balance and maintain vaginal hygiene. Antimicrobial properties of 100% natural active ingredients of Everteen inhibit bacterial growth causing vaginal infection, unpleasant odour and irritation. Daily use of Everteen natural intimate wash helps in preventing vaginal infections and gives relief from consistent itching or burning in vaginal area.


  1. Prevents unpleasant odour, vaginal itching, irritation and infection.
  2. Protects natural pH balance
  3. Maintain vaginal hygiene, moisture and freshness

Make sure you use this product on a regular basis and protect yourself from the infection. To shop the product, CLICK HERE!

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