I strongly believe this 6 yards of sheer elegance is the only garment that suits every body size, shape and color. It’s the only piece of clothing that accentuates the beauty of every girl. As a kid, I have been seeing my mother wearing saree everyday which has got me to believe there is no other garment as graceful as a saree. Whether its a teenager or a 60 year old, a saree is one such outfit that is happily worn by all, irrespective of the age. Although people have stereotyped saree to be worn by only tall girls, I would say ignore such talks and wear it as much as you want.

In the recent times, its commendable to see how the modern generation is creating such indo western looks out of a saree. I mean there was a time when it was worn in a typical way but today its one of the most experimented attire. Be it an ordinary girl or afashion designer, everyone loves to add something more to a saree by creating endless styles out of it. You can pair a saree with funky crop tops like how I am carrying here with OTS ruffled sleeve crop top to add a twist to the look. Playing with color contrast by pairing a plain olive top with statement sleeves to give that edginess and modern look to an Indian traditional garment. I love how instantly the top added to the fusion look and created oh so girlish feel.

I have paired the same saree with another basic top and added a long jacket to inject a bit of fun. Adding a knee length or an ankle length jacket to a saree is something I would strongly recommend to mommys as well for it will give a very stylish feel. In fact if you add a plain embellished (on the shoulders) jacket to a saree with a statement neckpiece, it will beat any designer outfit. Trust me you will gather all the appreciation. Although I am wearing a printed jacket, ensuring the print is completely different from that of saree so it does not merge in, to ensure both stand out and make a statement together. Finishing the look with a heavy stone necklace and getting ready for some cocktails.

There are so many ways you can drape a saree and create funky street style looks. It’s always fun to experiment with saress. Let go of all the apprehensions you have for wearing sarees as it’s for you as much as it is for another girl.

So guys do let me know your views on the styles I have created. Always happy to hear from you all my lovely readers.


Captured by an amazing talent, Amit Kumar. Do follow his stunning work on INSTAGRAM

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