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How Diamond Engagement Rings Came to Be!

  Did you know that the custom of presenting a diamond ring to signify your engagement to a loved one can be traced to monarchy in Austria? Apparently, the Archduke Maximilian of Austria was the first to present the engagement ring featuring precious diamonds in...

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5 Ways To Get Rid of Crepey Skin!

Have you as of late been seeing creased crinkly skin on parts of your body? That expansive influence on your legs, stomach area, thighs and arms is the thing that can be alluded to as 'crepey skin'. Are your inclination awkward with this sort of skin? It may be a...

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10 Stages Of A Custom-Made Engagement Ring

While your engagement ring should absolutely sparkle, it should also shine with your personality. That’s why many couples choose to create engagement rings that are as special and individual as their relationships. Besides, a ring is something you’re going to wear...

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Wanderlust Passport Holder By URBY

  Are you a traveler? Well then you know how important it is to keep your essentials safe while travelling, esp. the passport and the Id cards. Would you love to carry a case for the same? A case which is way too luxurious, pocket friendly and your utmost need...

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Zoctr – Home Health Partner

Hey guys, how have you been? It's been long since we met. Well today I am talking all about HEALTH. All of us have a super hectic life. Sometimes we get so busy managing our personal and professional lives that we tend to ignore our health. Taking good care of our...

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