While your engagement ring should absolutely sparkle, it should also shine with your personality. That’s why many couples choose to create engagement rings that are as special and individual as their relationships. Besides, a ring is something you’re going to wear every day and it should be an item that you truly adore. So, here’s what you need to know about creating a custom-made engagement ring.

1. Begin early
A custom-made ring can take a couple weeks to a few months. Make sure you begin the process early and start doing your homework to find out more information on custom made engagement rings..

2. Gather a few images for inspiration
One of the most important things is to have a few visual cues on hand. It’s a great starting point for the custom-design ring process. Perhaps you like the band on one right, the color of a stone on another and the setting on yet another. When you’re creating your own ring, you can borrow ideas from as many designs as you want to.

3. Find a reputable jeweller to work with
Ask your nearest and dearest friends if they can recommend any jewellers. If you’re ready to go through the process of having a ring custom-made, you’ll want to work with a reputable jeweller that has ample experience. You’ll also want to work with a jeweller that already creates rings similar to the style you want.

4. Selecting the metal
Engagement rings are traditionally designed with yellow gold, silver, platinum or white gold. But, when it comes to creating your own ring, you can pick any metal you like. There’s titanium, rose gold, palladium, and many others.

5. Choose the stone
A diamond isn’t just about the price or certificate. They all sparkle in their very own way. But, if you don’t want a diamond, there are tons of other stones to choose from.

6. Choose the cut
Besides the stone and metal, you’ll need to choose a cut. Traditional engagement ring cuts include cushion, pear, oval, princess, heart, and round.

7. Choose a setting
There are tons of setting choices, like prong, halo, bezel, tension style, pave and so many others.

8. Don’t forget about the wedding band
You can save a great deal of both time and money if you have your wedding ring custom-made at the same time as the engagement ring. It will also help to ensure the rings are paired seamlessly.

9. Sketches and Wax Models
You will be presented with a sketch of the ring from your chosen jewellery to ensure that the ring looks the way you want it to. Once you approve the sketch, the jeweller will create a wax model of the engagement ring. Some jewellers provide a computer rendering of the ring for certain detailed designs.

10. Casting and Customization
Once you’ve approved the sketches, the jeweller moves on to casting. Your ring will be casted and then cleaned and then the stones can be set. Customizations are created by hand once it gets to this stage. The ring is then set and polished.

Start your search for ideas early so that you have the perfect engagement ring to present at the proposal.

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