Gone are the days when golden jewellery was only supposed to grace formal occasions like weddings, parties and festivals. There was a time when our parents used to save all the gold pieces for some auspicious occasions and would never want to grace them otherwise. People still live in this belief that jewellery (esp. the golden jewellery ) gets too loud for a casual look or an office look.

Jotting down the ways you can style your long bedded gold jewellery for Office and Casual Looks:

1. Office Look: A jewellery adds a statement to your look and brings you more confident and strong to your peers. To decide what kind of jewellery you should wear to work depends on how conservative or liberal your office vibe is.

If it’s too conservative, you would not want to out-do yourself to unnecessarily draw the attention of everyone and hence, keep it subtle by simply wearing a stud earrings or sleek chain.

If its liberal, you can definitely experiment on a regular basis and stand out among the crowd. Earrings go without saying and you can team a nice bracelet with it. For those who really are fond of jewellery can add the necklace too (with pendants) and make sure that it does not get too flashy in the eyes of anyone who looks at you. Always try to wear pieces which does not make sound as it distracts the co workers and especially if you have a conference or a meeting, it tends to annoy people. That said, there are no set rules to wearing jewellery to work and you can always create your own style, keeping the above things in mind. The key is to keep it simple yet classy.

2. Casual Day look: Such as brunch, weekend errands, shopping, etc. Up your style game with varied pieces.
A layered necklace makes for the best casual look when worn with V-neck/deep neck tees or dresses. Besides adding some sparkle to your look, it gives the cool vibe too. If you wish to go little loud, opt for chic gold sleek chokers . They sit perfectly with off shoulder/one shoulder outfits and accentuate the look even more.

Earrings are my biggest weakness. They definitely enhance the look and the feel of the dress. You can always experiment with different sizes and designs depending on your outfit. For instance, if you are wearing an off shoulder dress/top, go with big golden hoops or geometric ones, they never fail to leave an impact.


Rings are so trending off late. You can either wear multiple sleek rings in each finger for a cool vibe or go for statement ring that draws enough attention of the passer by without making it look too loud.

Bracelets do add a charm to your look whether you are out in your denim jeans or a jumpsuit. It makes you look put together and stylish at the same time. Bring on a couple of them together and see how you turn heads.

It’s time you should get your golden precious jewellery out and make it worth every penny you put on it. Hope the above tips help you make the better use of it. Do write me in the comments if this was helpful.

Have a golden weekend guys.


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