Wondering how to figure out your lady’s ring size without her realizing it? Check out these top tips!

Use one of her other rings

This is probably the easiest solution. When you’re able to, take a ring out of her jewellery box. You can then take it to a jeweller who can measure the size for you, or you could always order a ring sizer online and measure it yourself. Alternatively, use pen and paper to trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper and take that to the jeweller who will figure out the diameter.

Get friends to help figure out her ring size

This one is easier than you think. Have a friend sneak the topic of ring size into a conversation.

Choose a friend that has an engagement ring – that friend could then suggest your partner tries it on, and the friend can then judge how big or small the ring is on your partner. They may even drop a few hints about what kind of ring they want.

Get the friend to ask her to go engagement ring shopping – get the friend to suggest going to a jeweller together, and then randomly try on engagement rings “for fun”. Diamonds.co.nz offers the best engagement rings in New Zealand,so make sure to check it out.

Have the friend ask straight out – get your partner’s best friend to just ask about her ring size!

Ask her yourself

Most couples get to a stage where they talk about getting engaged, so it’s completely okay to ask her what’s her favorite style is, along with her ring size – just so you know when the time comes for  luxury gifts, of course.

Size her finger when she’s sleeping

If you’re stealthy enough, you could take a fishing line, piece of string, or even a piece of paper and wrap it around her ring finger while she is sleeping. Just make sure she’s a heavier sleeper before you try this one.

Get creative

Remember when you were a kid and you used to trace your hand on paper and then have fun embellishing it? You could try this approach to figure out her ring size. Sit down and do some kind of funky art project together, something that involves getting her hand into paint and onto paper. Jewellers can usually work out an estimate from that.

Remember, Rings Can Be Resized

Even with all of these tips in mind, don’t stress too much, you can always have the ring resized. Most jewellers offer an initial resizing for your partner. The key is to get it as close to perfect as possible, and then tweak it as needed.

Ready to begin your detective work? Good luck – and don’t forget to plan a sneaky proposal that will blow her away when you present that gorgeous diamond engagement ring.

Hope you enjoyed reading it guys. Until next time..


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