White dresses are major outfit choices for summer, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that we are already seeing a number of celebrities strutting in their choice of little white dresses. But how does one wear a white dress, particularly the long formal gown type, without looking like a bride about to say “I do.”

Below are some styling tricks to wear a white dress from our favorite celebrities and fashion experts without sending out bride vibes:

1. Choosing the dress.

Topmost in your priorities is finding the right dress from a multitude of choices. This means taking into account your skin tone, your body type, and your personal style before you shop from the Peaches Boutique collection of stunning 2019 white homecoming dresses.

Not many know that there is a right shade of white for different skin tones. In fact, some shades of white can make some skin tones appear pale or drab. Knowing this can not only help you avoid certain shades but also help you choose a dress that best compliments your look. For fair-skinned individuals, warm whites are highly recommended. While cool whites, silk white, and champagne are recommended for individuals with an olive complexion. Creamy whites and ivories are best for those with pinkish undertones. Any shade of white will look good on someone with a dark complexion; however, those with olive undertones should steer clear of yellowish white or ivory shades of white.

Also, choosing the dress material is an important step in finding the right dress. For example, if you are attending an event at the beach, a dress made of breezy cotton would be appropriate as dresses made with crepes or heavier linen are better for more professional settings. If the dress is made of thin white material, this has a tendency to become see-through, so wearers should also consider the appropriate underwear to pair with these dresses.

The structure and texture of the dress will also matter since many modern-day brides are already opting for shorter dresses. So if you’re attending homecoming in a white dress, just skip the lace. You can go for laser-cut embroidered patterns instead.

2. Go for the classic red lip.

The makeup you wear with a white dress matters too. Upgrade a plain white ensemble and make it look more glamorous (without making it look like it’s your wedding day) with a sexy scarlet lip. Use simple foundation and wear subtle contours on the cheeks. Put on black kohl eyeliners and a good coating of voluminous mascara. Top everything off with a matte red lip colour.

3. Finding the right footwear.

White dresses are a great excuse to wear just about any colour you want for your footwear and accessories. You can opt for bold colours, like the classic red heels, emerald green, or electric blue. Metallics add a glamorous touch too, so you can go for heels or strappy sandals (or heeled strappy sandals) in silver. If you are aiming for a boho feel, leather gladiator sandals will do the trick.

Nudes and natural colours can help highlight the dress. Black shoes are best reserved for formal events and white shoes should be avoided, unless it is with your bridal gown.

4. Choose the right accessories.

From jewelleries to scarves, belts, and bags, the little white dress is the perfect canvas to adorn. Adding stylish accessories can transform your look from chic casual to glam formal. Go for a pop of bright colours or add sparkle with metallic accessories, just make sure that your accessories match your choice of footwear too.

A white dress can be fun to accessorise. With the tips above, you will be able to effortlessly look trendy and even fashion-forward in white on your homecoming night.

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