If you are thinking of investing in a vintage Rolex, you are a brave soul up for a formidable task. Going into the process armed with as much knowledge as possible will equip you with the know-how you need.

Even though fakes litter the market, there are some solid signs you can watch out for. The last thing you want is to invest in the wrong watch so first and foremost, you want a seller you can trust 100%.

Kalmar Antiques offers vintage Rolex watches and they have been dealing in the antique realm for decades. Becoming a respectable go-to dealer, they have built up an array of stunning vintage Rolex watches for fans to explore.


  • The value is in the dial

Whilst the dial isn’t everything, a great deal of the watches value is in this aspect. If you are completely new to this, you will want to get to know your dials before you commit to anything.

The rarer the dial, the higher you can go when negotiating the price. This means that additional detail should be spent inspecting the dial and in doing so, ask yourself the following:

  1. Is it genuine? – You can only determine its authenticity through carefully examining the dial. The ones who have produced fakes cannot copy this aspect. Things such as examining the logo or writing on the dial then comparing these to images from trustworthy sources will do the trick. This way, you will be able to tell whether the logo shape is genuine.


  1. See how old it is. – Next, you want to figure out the age of the dial as elements could have been replaced during maintenance throughout the years. This is why it’s crucial to pinpoint the era the dial was created. To do so, look at the dial material. The material used will indicate the era it was created and hopefully everything will match up when the watch is genuine.


  1. Determine its condition. – Good condition is obviously preferable however some defects can actually work in your favour. If there are cracks known as ‘spider’ in the dial, some collectors search out watches with this specific detail. So, it’s worth researching whether the specific defect is going to win or lose you money.
  • Determine how original it is

Another factor you want to consider when looking into vintage Rolex watches is seeing how original it is. The more it was worn, the more potential servicing it went through and the more signs of wear it will have.

One thing you should spot on the case is the polish.  If you find the case unpolished, this will be very uncommon as it would be a sign that barely any service work has been done on it. By looking at the parts, lugs, bevelled edges and more you can determine just how much it has been serviced.

It seems in-depth but once you figure out the basics, you will be well on your way to investing in vintage Rolex watches with confidence.

Hope this post works great for those who are planning to buy a Rolex watch. Do share your views on the same. Until next…


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