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If you have no idea where to start when shopping for an engagement ring, the first step is to find a reputable online jeweller. Buying an engagement ring isn’t like making other purchases, it really is a big-ticket item. It’s all about style and quality. What’s more, it’s not a purchase you are likely to make often in your life, which means an important step in finding the right ring is to find a jeweller you trust. Here are a few questions to consider when dealing with an online jeweller.

  1. Is the Jeweller Listening to You?

A trustworthy jeweller will:

  • Focus on what the bride wants – her needs, her style, and her wishes
  • Listen to you. They should not push their own agenda or focus on one particular thing, such as price.
  • Show you a range of different options and help guide you to narrow down your choices


  1. Is the Jeweller Established?

Choose an online jeweller you can develop a relationship with. Check out how long they have been in business and what their online reputation is like. An established business is more likely to have good reviews and will also be more likely to stick around for regular cleaning and maintenance of the ring.

  1. What Services Does the Jeweller Offer?

A reputable online jeweller may offer a range of services to help pick your ring. Here are a few things you may want your jeweller to offer:

  1. Is There a Good Selection?

You will likely want to have lots of rings to choose from if you are not going for a custom ring, and perhaps you would like a little guidance, too.

  1. How Is Diamond Appraisal and Certification Handled?

You don’t just have to take a jeweller’s word for it. You can ask for a third-party certificate from an independent gem lab, like the Gemological Institute of America. A certificate will prove the stone is a natural diamond and it will also describe any treatments that have been done to it. A certificate further documents the carat, colour, and diamond quality.

  1. Can the Jeweller Tell You About the 4 Cs?

If you don’t know about the 4 Cs, a trustworthy jeweller should teach you. If you are looking for stones online, a certificate will be the best bet for telling you about those 4 Cs.

  1. How Does He/She Mark the Integrity of the Metal in the Engagement Ring?

Many jewellers focus on an engagement ring’s diamond quality, but the metals are important, too. You could ask to see a photo of the stamp on the ring that verifies the precious metal content, for instance, PLT for platinum or 18K for gold.

  1. What Are the Warranty and Returns Policies?

Before you make a purchase, find out if the jeweller is able to provide the ring within the time frame that you need. Also, make sure that you understand the store’s return policy and warranties.

Can You Trust the Jeweller?

Before you make a final decision, ask yourself if you trust the online jeweller. A sense of trust can come from many places, like the referral of friends and family, or having done your research and asking the above questions.

Armed with this knowledge, you are ready to start shopping online for jewellery!


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