Guys have a lot of pressure when it comes to buying an engagement ring, but it really shouldn’t be such a scary task. In fact, shopping for an engagement ring should be exciting and stress-free. To help you with the experience, we’ve put together a list of myths all about custom engagement rings and debunked them.

Myth: The Jeweller Is Always Right

Keep in mind that many jewellers are sales representatives which means they are vying for a sale. But, when you work directly with someone to create a custom engagement ring, they aim to create something extra special that your fiancé will adore for years to come. An artist will take the time to learn about your fiancé and her lifestyle and preferences so that he or she can create a suitable and practical ring just for her.

Myth: The Engagement Ring Must Be A Surprise

We’ve all seen the proposals portrayed on TV, where the guy plans a romantic night and drops to one knee, presenting the perfect ring as he pops the question. But, realistically, keeping all those elements a secret can be tough.

Keeping the proposal, the ring, and the shopping, a secret is probably one of the biggest myths about shopping for an engagement ring. It sets unrealistic expectations and places unnecessary pressure on the guy who is nervous enough.

More couples of choosing to pick out a ring together which ensures she gets a design she loves. AE Design Jewellery offers custom engagement rings in Sydney that you can design together for the perfect ring.

Myth: It Is Better To Choose A Bigger Diamond

Our culture seems to put emphasis on the fact that diamonds “ought” to be bigger. And there are girls who think that if they don’t get the biggest diamond, their guy mustn’t love them enough. But, the reality is that the size of the diamond is not equal to its quality.

In fact, the value of the diamond really comes from the 4 C’s – Color, Carat, Cut, and Clarity. A diamond may be massive but not have great color or clarity, rendering it worth less than a smaller diamond that does not have flaws.

When it is time to shop for an engagement ring, rather look at the highest quality diamonds in your budget and size range.

Myth: You Must Spend As Much As Possible On An Engagement Ring

This myth ties the previous ones together. Some men believe that they have to spend all their savings on an engagement ring. But, this is a ridiculous notion, as budgets are different for everyone, and not every girl wants a custom ring that costs a ridiculous fortune.

We’re not saying you should go for the cheapest creation, but we are saying that having the perfect ring made does not have to break the bank. Rather, set a maximum budget that you can realistically afford. A reputable designer will work with you and within your price range.

There’s no right or wrong price that must be spent on an engagement ring, since it really isn’t the price of the ring that counts. Instead, focus on what the ring and its design symbolizes.

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