Hitting a century on my blog’s first anniversary guys and can’t begin to tell how excited and overwhelmed I am to have reached here. It still seems like I started blogging just yesterday. How time flies! Being a fashion enthusiast, it’s like a dream come true. Not everyone gets the chance to follow their passion. I am extremely grateful to everyone who made this possible.

How it all started?

I was pretty active on Instagram since almost two years when I bumped into some amazing fashion bloggers and there it clicked. After doing my fair share of study and research, I quite understood that this is something I should start too for I am highly inclined towards fashion. I still remember telling my hubby in the car while we were out for a night out, as to how these fashion blogging works and if I can get into it. Without a thought, to my surprise, he said “why not, you
should go for it”. I always had his impalpable support but when it came to creating a website of my own, then when the challenge came into surface. I created my first post on wix and shared with a family member (sister-in-law), Richa Singh – a blogger and a digital marketer, to have a feedback on the same before publishing. She advised me to come up with my own website and recommended a friend who can help me with the same. Without wasting a second I called up this amazing person, Purnendu – an avid travel blogger and a website developer, to discuss my idea with him and to know if he can make some time for the same. Fortunately, he said yes and my blog “fashioNistha” was born a few days later. Oh yes, the fourth person I could not have started all this without is my mom. I had to seek her permission and I succeeded in convincing her. So yeah, these are some handful of people whom I can never thank enough. There have been more who in the process came to my help in some way or the other like friends, photographers, makeup artists, list is long. So a big thank you and a hug to all!

To others, it might seem that fashion blogging is all about getting ready, looking good and being clicked. No, it’s way much more. Firstly a blogger has to spend quite a time in deciding what sort of theme or look she has to post, then ensuring if she has the required clothes and accessories for the same. Once we are through with that, we have to devote a good amount of time in getting ready and clicked. At times, even 500 pictures could not get me decent 15 to post on my blog. It takes like an
hour or two for just one look. We do shoot outdoors on sunny days sweating still posing to ensure the efforts pay off. It does not end here, we spend time writing a post, editing the pictures and then publishing. At times, I literally go blank and cannot even frame a single sentence. Not that I am telling this to gain sympathy or so but just that the bloggers are being perceived as doing an easy job since it comes out fancy.

Just the other day I was wondering how much time and energy we put in to represent the company we work with. An e-mail in the middle of the night and we will get up to answer the same. All this to support someone else’s dream. So when I talk about blogging, its also about promoting oneself. We have to spend time in promoting our work on different platforms. For people to know you, they have to see you. Even a celebrity before releasing his/her movie has to promote the movie day in, day out.
All I am implying here is it’s not an easy job. It’s just like any other job that we do and takes a lot of time, mind and energy. I respect all the bloggers who are actually managing blogging along with their 9 to 5 job, me being one. Kudos to you all lovely bloggers out there.

It has been a memorable one year journey. When I started blogging a year back, one thing that I promised to myself was, come what may, I have to be consistent and deliver quality content. In pursuing the same, I have had my own ups and downs. There were days when I felt all boosted up and then there were days when things went haywire despite all the efforts been put in. There are certain things not in our control, all that we can do is keep doing what we do better than yesterday and things
will fall in place. It’s definitely not an easy journey but you will make it, someday. The day brands started approaching to collaborate, that’s when I felt that I am doing things right for they are putting their trust in me and my work and I felt motivated more. It was indeed a roller coaster ride, learnt so many things and I cannot believe that I am writing my 100th post today and sharing my beautiful experience of blogging journey with y’all.

Since today’s post is very close to my heart and it’s all about my journey so far, I am donning a look which I have been dreaming of since long. Wearing a saree, gifted to me by hubby, in an Indo western style. It’s a Georgette printed saree from Satyapaul and I have worn it with a broad corset belt with a self designed black blouse. Did not accessorize much, just a pretty golden pair of earrings are good to go. The earrings are also gelling well with the golden buckles on the corset belt. The color of the
saree is apt for a summer day look, hence keeping the make up nude with pink lips. Hope you like the style and the look. Would you too like to style a saree the way I did? I am all ears to your thoughts on the same.

People who have contributed to achieve this look are:

Make-up Artist: Maria, My bare face and here magical fingers. I always love to get ready by her for she is too sweet and talented. The best part is she understands the look I want. Do follow her stunning work on INSTAGRAM.

Behind the lens: Back again been shot by this beauty herself, Kanika. When your photographer helps you on the pose, nothing like it. So glad to have been captured by this talented young girl. Check her INSTAGRAM and show some love.

Elated to have completed my one year and 100th post on my blog. Keep showering the love you all for it’s all because of your love that I have made it here. I promise to bring variety of content to you as much as possible. A big THANK YOU to everyone who liked or shared or commented on my posts. That’s all I wish to have from you guys. LOVE YOU!!!

Stay tuned for the next and…


Keepstyling! Keepsmiling!



Deets Below:

Saree: Satyapaul – Similar Here and Here You can find the saree at Satyapaul store in your city.
Blouse: Self designed and stitched by a designer
Earrings: Fida Jewellery. Out of stock. You can check their collection at Lifestyle Stores in your city
Corset Belt: Local Boutique in Pune. You will find one in most of the stores having western outfit.



MBA is my qualification and Fashion is my passion. I Embarked on this beautiful blogging journey to share my fashion space with everyone out there. Follow me on INSTAGRAMTWITTER and find me on FACEBOOK





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