When it’s time to choose the partner that will be by your side until death, there are some things you should consider; things like personality, looks, talents, dreams, and goals. With every aspect you like about that special person you will find the perfect gift. However, there is a gift that will change both of your lives, and that gift will be the most special to that person – an engagement ring. How come a ring can make someone scream and cry of excitement? Well, is a beautiful gift that declares love, promises love and support until the end, and a daily reminder that you are made for that special person. That is the reason why you should look for the perfect ring for your loved one.

Where Can I Find Good Quality Rings?

Before proposing to the love of your life, you have to look for a place that will provide great quality rings with a beautiful variety. There are many places to choose from, but you got to choose wisely. However, if you live in Canada, Diamonds for Less provides quality wholesale diamonds in Toronto; making it easier to buy your preferred ring for your loved one at the perfect price.

Types of Rings

There are many types of rings to choose for that special loved one. The variety can even confuse some people, but here we have a list of the most popular ring shapes. Before choosing, you would want to imagine what shape will fit better for your partner and this list will help.

Popular Shapes For Diamond Rings:

  1. Round

This is the most popular diamond ring shape at the moment. It has a beautiful round shape, which makes it suitable for any woman! It has 58 facets, but its unique round cut provides more sparkle than any other shape. Many people look for this shape because the sparkle it provides is unbeatable.

  1. Princess

This diamond shape has a pattern of 49 facets and it provides a brilliant looking square or rectangular shape. However, this shape can achieve the sparkle and brilliant cut that the round shape has. Making it easier to choose a beautiful sparkly ring, but with a different shape and great quality.

  1. Cushion

The Cushion shape can also be referred as the pillow shape. It has a slightly round shape with a softer square look. This cushion shape has a very elegant look. If you don’t know what to choose from the round shape or a square shape, this is the best option for you.

  1. Oval

Usually, the oval shape has the same facets as the round shape, which is 58 facets. It has a brilliant cut similar to the round shape giving a more sparkly look. The oval shape has a “bow-tie” effect which most of the elongated and unique shapes have. The bow-tie effect refers to a dark area in the centre of the diamond, but overall the unique shapes are essential for surprising.

  1. Radiant

This is an amazing shape that provides great quality. It is an elegant, symmetrical, and rectangular shape that offers a beautiful shine cut just as the round shape. It also has a bow-tie effect, but not as strong as the Oval shape.

  1. Emerald

This is a different beautiful and elegant shape; it has a different shine compared to the princess or round shape. This is a step-cut diamond shape, due to the flat facets and crown corners. Instead of giving a full shining effect throughout the whole ring, it provides a more mirrored effect with an organized sparkle.

  1. Marquise

The marquise shape is a kind of vintage look. It has a long and narrow look, which it provides an illusion of a bigger size shape. This beautiful ring can also create the illusion of a slimmer finger due to the longevity and the narrowness it has. This shape was inspired by King Louis XIV of France, he wanted a special shape to resemble his personal preference on his perfect mouth shape.

  1. Asscher

This diamond shape is quite similar to the emerald shape; it has a squarer look, step-cut, higher crown, and a smaller table. However, this shape can provide a more brilliant look than the emerald shape.

  1. Pear

This is a ring that has taken popularity for the past 3 years; its unique shape resembles a drop of pure water. This ring can have a bow-tie effect from almost invisible to severe. Due to its longevity, it creates the illusion of a slimmer finger. This ring is a beautiful and a unique modern style to choose from.

  1. Heart

The heart shape gives such beautiful feelings to anyone. This is a trending diamond shape; even celebrities like Lady Gaga have been engaged to this beautiful shape. It resembles love and passion. Before choosing this type of shape, is good to look for further information and facts. With this beautiful shape, obviously the heart will go on.

Choosing the perfect ring for your other half is a must. For further information about the different type of rings, make sure to work with a trusted jeweler. You could find the perfect ring for the big moment, at a perfect quality and price.


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