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Trend Alert: Bell Bottoms (Flared Pants)

Fashion comes in full circle. Trends come, go and come back again with a twist. It's this twist that keep all the fashion enthusiasts going. Isn't it? Rarely something new is created, it's mostly the modification of what's existing. What was the trend in 70s or 80s is...

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A Must Have Dress In Every Girl’s Closet

What do you think can be that one dress which has to be there in every girl's closet? Though there are lots of basics yet this one's indispensable. A basic floral dress! Given any weather, a floral dress can make anyone look beautiful. Now that we bid adieu to winters...

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Being Glam And Gold!

Hellooo Girls..Hope you all had one memorable Valentine's Eve! I did not do anything special though. All thanks to my and my hubby's ultra busy life. Though I don't need a day to celebrate my love. Any day when we both can make some time for each other is special to...

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My Valentine’s Eve Look!

My most favorite day of the year has to get me going in my most favorite brand. So hey girls here's a look I have curated for my Valentine's eve. I had planned a delicate piece for this special day and the dress I am wearing does complete justice to my idea of a...

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Quick Hairstyles To Enhance Your Look

Do you let your hair fall mostly or love to style it according to your dress? Though this is very personal to everyone and would also depend on the mood, I totally believe a nice hair do with every outfit can bring a big difference to your overall look. For me, it...

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High Heeled Boots To Boost Your Confidence!

Happy New Year fam! Hope you all had a memorable NYE! Let's start this year with only positive energy. Let's only see the positive side of the things. Let's only talk about the positivity. Being positive is the main source of success. Let's work towards it and ignore...

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Wrapping 2017 Up In My Faux Fur Jacket!

Hello everyone! Don't know where to start from as I have so much to say in this post. This one's my last for this year and words might fall short in expressing how grateful I am to everyone who has helped and supported me reach where I am today. Twenty Seventeen will...

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Flare Pants & Mesh Top

  Happy Weekend loves! With Christmas approaching, I am sure everyone must be busy in shopping. Well I am yet to finish my list. I am more excited about new year, really looking forward to it. Hope it brings loads of happiness to each one of us. Till then, happy...

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Beret: An Unavoidable Fashion!

Doing the rounds quite too much, beret is one unavoidable fashion. Needless to say, you must indulge in this fashion without a doubt. Easy to carry, this brimless hat made from hand- matted wool has topped the fashion chart this season. The fact says that Berets have...

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Boho Vibes In Suspender Pants

  Hey fellas, Happy Friday!! I am sure it's everyone's favorite day. Bringing you some bohemian vibe today in my brand new suspender pants. DressLily (an online shopping site) got me this lovely suspender pants which so relates to my personality. I was more than...

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Winter Layering In Summer Clothes

Hola Chicas, Had an amazing weekend? I am sure, each one of you did. Well for me, I had some guests over this sunday so was a bit occupied but this post had to go live. With winters approaching, I was wondering if we really have to bid adieu to our summer clothes? How...

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